Grey's Anatomy's 350th Episode: 3 Reveals More Surprising Than Meredith's Fate

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Grey's Anatomy episode "My Shot." Read at your own risk.

Grey's Anatomy has officially aired 350 episodes and celebrated the occasion in a truly unique way. As opposed to celebrating the high points or happier moments, Meredith Grey's medical license hung in the balance. Of course, few viewers actually truly expected the episode would end with Mer losing her license, so the writers set about finding other ways to make the occasion extra memorable without pushing the suspense that her time as a doctor would come to an immediate end.

To say they succeeded is an understatement. Grey's Anatomy brought in a host of cameos big and small and jam-packed the episode with memorable moments (some of which may make people hate Bailey more) that fans will remember much more than Meredith getting her license back. Let's dive in.

Dr. Castello Was On The Board Of Doctors Deciding Meredith's Fate

All things considered, Meredith was feeling pretty good heading into court until she spotted the man on the far side of the board of doctors deciding her fate. It was Dr. Castello, the same man who refused to perform basic tests on Grey's late husband Derek Shepherd that inadvertently led to his death. Meredith wanted him off the board, but doing so would've delayed the process another 6 months so she agreed to continue and try to keep her mouth shut.

Meredith's vow of silence lasted through a few testimonies, but eventually Dr. Castello's remarks about her daughter caused her to jump up and get in his face. Castello dropped to the floor into a seizure and later died while he was in surgery. Amelia, who witnessed the surgery but did not participate out of fear of hurting him intentionally, later had a quiet moment of celebration with Mer as neither were mad the man that killed the person they loved had finally gotten some karma.

Cristina Helped Out

There were a few surprising cameos that featured past one-off characters in the 350th episode of Grey's Anatomy, and references to much bigger characters as well. While many would've loved to see Sandra Oh reprise her role as Cristina Yang, that didn't happen. What did happen is that Yang sent her support to Meredith's cause with a testimonial to her strengths as a doctor.

The note was rather simple, but it and the scores of people who showed up caused the board to reinstate Meredith's medical license. While it wasn't the full-blown major cameo Grey's Anatomy fans would've wanted, it was a sweet homage to a fan-favorite character.

DeLuca Took Some Time Away From Meredith

Meredith delivered a scathing verbal bashing so brutal it basically killed a guy, but her impassioned speech to the man that killed her late husband had some collateral. Once things died down, DeLuca pulled Meredith aside, and said they needed to spend some time apart. During the speech, he realized that while Meredith may love him, she may never respect him in the same way she respected Derek.

That's important to DeLuca, and Meredith had nothing she could say in the moment. She has some time to set things right before the end of the season of course, so Grey's Anatomy fans shouldn't be too worried that the split between these two is anywhere close to permanent.

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