Will Empire Give At Least One Character A Happy Ending?

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Empire Season 6 episode "Do You Remember Me." Read at your own risk!

With just one episode to go before the fall finale, it's hard to see a scenario where Empire ends positively for its key characters. The November 26 episode once again showed the flash-forward where Lucious Lyon is gunned down and Cookie blows up in a car shortly after spotting a note, and yeah, it's still crazy. One can't really see that situation working out positively, although there is some hope still for Andre Lyon to live happily ever after.

Much of Empire Season 6 has shown Andre battling his father's influence and attempting to take the Empire label in a new direction. He's had some measure of success so far, and while he has been all about the business as of late, he also found some time to do something really special for his wife Teri.

Andre led his wife to a private room that was filled with all sorts of wedding stuff and then dropped down to one knee when she opened her eyes. They're already married, but Andre told Teri he intended to give her the wedding of her dreams. With so much heartbreak happening in this season of Empire, it's about high time something positive happened!

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Things seem to be heading in a very positive direction overall, but unfortunately, even this Lyon isn't in the clear yet. The Empire character has been having hallucinations throughout the season of his half-brother Jeff Kingsley. A lot of these hallucinations have been very anti-Lucious, which could point to the identity of the person that pulls the trigger on the patriarch. How heartbreaking would it be to learn that after such an otherwise positive turn of events, Andre's mental illness drives him to kill his father?

As heartbreaking as it may be, there's no denying Empire Season 6 has shown a slow build of tension between Andre and Lucious. There have been some bright moments between the two, but there's been a ton of beef on Lucious' end on how his son is running the company, and a lot of anger from Andre that his father keeps trying to meddle in the business he has been effectively running for months. I'd love to be optimistic and think Andre will eventually get his mind right and run Empire after his parents death, but the Kingsley hallucinations are still a point of concern.

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