Frustrated Erin Andrews Defends Her Reaction To Dancing With The Stars 2019 Winners

dancing with the stars season 28 finale erin andrews
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Warning! The following post contains spoilers for the Season 28 finale of Dancing with the Stars.

Another season of Dancing with the Stars has come and gone. After another season of sparkly costumes, controversial contestants, and shocking eliminations, everyone walks away with their own opinions about who should have won. According to Erin Andrews’ facial expression during the 2019, though, that person shouldn’t have been The Bachelorette star Hannah Brown. Now, a seemingly frustrated Erin Andrews has defended her reaction on the show.

Here's what happened. This week, Dancing with the Stars crowned its Season 28 winners and, while it pleased some fans, co-host Erin Andrews looked displeased about the outcome at the time the episode aired. Due to this, fans called her out on Twitter for seeming unimpressed that Hannah Brown -- who had a big advantage -- and pro dance partner Alan Bersten took home the famous Mirrorball Trophy.

When one particular fan pointed out her “less than impressed” reaction to the season finale’s outcome, Erin Andrews quickly took to Twitter to defend herself, pointing out the exact reason for why she didn’t give a more positive reaction.

Give me a break. YOU CAN’T WIN IN THIS SITUATION. I’m standing next to the couple that just got second place. And if I had cheered, you’d be killing me for going against the Kel, Lauren, and Ally. Not that serious people!

The Dancing with the Stars host made a valid point. The competition was tough and, since there can only be one winner, an overly happy reaction to Hannah Brown’s win would have made the whole thing a bit awkward. Still, Erin Andrews’ lack of reaction was much different than Tom Bergeron’s, who quickly turned toward the winning couple. So, it’s not hard to see why fans jumped to the conclusion that she wasn’t thrilled with the final results.

In another response to a tweet that’s now been deleted, Erin Andrews doubled down in her defense, claiming her neutral stance was in and of itself a reaction to angry fans.

Ahahahah you don’t get it. In this day and age, we can’t say a thing. You’ll get killed no matter what. I have to look dead into the camera bc people are threatening you don’t like a contestant. Sad, taken the fun out of it! Cheers!

It’s possible Erin Andrews did want someone else to be crowned a winner, but whatever the actual case, her choice of response has gone viral. Dancing with the Stars is a competition show, so fans being upset that their favorite celebrity dancer not winning is a given. I imagine being upset that one of the hosts didn’t react the way fans wanted is much different than the judges claiming disappointment with Season 28 overall.

The Season 28 finale of Dancing with the Stars might have turned out completely different if James Van Der Beek hadn’t been eliminated in the semifinals. However, the show, like Erin Andrews’ apparent reactions to Hannah Brown’s win, always manages to surprise.

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Mae Abdulbaki