Bachelor 2020 Spoilers: One Of Peter's Contestants Is Friends With Hannah Godwin

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SPOILERS ahead from The Bachelor 2020 Season 24 and Bachelor in Paradise 2019 finale.

It's official. We have our new Bachelor in Peter Weber, aka Pilot Pete, aka Not Even My Favorite Bachelorette Peter. The Bachelor 2020 Peter was announced at the end of the Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 finale, after Hannah Godwin was one of the many stars to get engaged. Will her friend Hannah Sluss have as much luck?

Before the Bachelor in Paradise finale, both ABC and spoiler guru Reality Steve released information on Bachelor Peter's potential contestants. I say potential because they did that thing again where they have a few too many names, so not everyone will make it.

We'll have to wait and see the status of Hannah S., but her connection to Hannah G. might help. Hannah Godwin just got engaged to Dylan Barbour on the Bachelor in Paradise 2019 finale. Now Hannah S., 23, of Knoxville, Tennessee is on Steve's list for the 2020 cast. She's another pageant girl named Hannah, which just makes me think the world is crawling with them.

Like Hannah G., Hannah S. is a print and commercial model. The two Hannahs posted a goofy photo together, since they are reportedly good friends, but Hannah S.'s Insta is now set to private. But everybody really does know everybody in the small incestuous pageant/reality TV circuit -- or they just meet them later at Stagecoach, I suppose.

Here's Hannah Sluss is in Chris Lane’s “I Don’t Know About You” music video:

Hannah Ann S. is one of the 33 women The Bachelor's official Facebook page announced for the show. You can check them out now, and wait for the official cast list to come:

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Steve already singled out one woman as the frontrunner to win, or be the next Bachelorette, although no one but Steve seems to understand why he picked her.

I'm still bitter Mike Johnson isn't the Bachelor, but this is all about the contestants anyway. At least one of the new cast members will be considered a "villain," one will probably be the 2020 Bachelorette, and we can hope that one ends up happily in love with Pilot Pete, enjoying windmill lovin' for years to come.

At any rate, Bachelor Peter has already taped some predictable intro shots and he'll meet his ladies and start filming his season this Friday, September 20. Spoiler fans can look forward to more details throughout the season, per this spoiler schedule, before the season premieres on Monday, January 6, 2020 on ABC. Stay tuned for updates as Peter's season begins.

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