Bachelor In Paradise Spoilers: Who Got Engaged And Who Broke Up In Season 6 Finale

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Spoilers ahead for the Season 6 finale of Bachelor in Paradise.

The sixth season of Bachelor in Paradise has been a wild ride of couples hooking up, breaking up, and swapping notes about who did what at Stagecoach. There was a beach brawl over a piñata that got two guys booted from Paradise, Blake going from most-wanted guy to heartbroken, and what may or may not have been misleading editing to make Luke's exit even more humiliating than it was.

Still, despite all the pitfalls along the way, many of the men and women found love. Here's who ended Bachelor in Paradise ready to move to the next stage of their lives together, and who decided to go their separate ways.

Heading into the finale, the last four couples standing were: Dylan Barbour and Hannah Godwin, Chris Bukowski and Katie Morton, Clay Harbor and Nicole Lopez-Alvar, and Demi Burnett and Kristian Haggerty. The episode opened with the couples hanging out and talking fantsay suites and whether they should accept the dates that would potentially take them to the next level.

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Nicole and Clay

Although Nicole and Clay once seemed like one of the most solid couples in Paradise whose names didn't rhyme with "Annah and Bylan," but they were outpaced by others as Clay showed a reluctance to commit, made all the worse when ex Angela Amezcua showed up to try and find love. Unfortunately for fans who thought Clay would see what he had with Nicole in the finale, Clay couldn't tell Nicole he loved her even after she gave a grand speech about her love for him.

His answer when she asked if he loved her? "I'm not there yet." He said he was interested in exploring their relationship further, just without jumping into moving in together or getting engaged. Nicole was having none of that and decided to do what was best for her, which was not staying with Clay. They went their separate ways, with Nicole stating that she understood Angela now.

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Katie And Chris

Unlike Nicole and Clay, Katie and Chris did make it to the fantasy suite, and they had a wonderful night together. The cameras didn’t reveal whether it was more or less steamy than Hannah Brown’s immortalized windmill sex, but they were both all smiles in the morning. Would they find the love and commitment that eluded Katie and Chris?

Yes! Chris, who seemed lukewarm at times during Bachelor in Paradise Season 6, delivered a super sweet proposal about wanting Katie to be part of his forever, and reminded Katie that “tomorrow” is never guaranteed. When it was clear he was asking her to marry her, Katie burst into happy tears. Chris and Katie were the first couple to get engaged! Who would have guessed that Chris would finally be a settled man after so many appearances in the franchise?

Well, the final hour of the three-hour finale revealed that not everything has been perfect for Katie and Chris since leaving Paradise. Katie came out to speak with Chris Harrison, not wearing her engagement ring, to explain that she's exhausted by the effort she's been putting into the relationship, which she believes is not matched by Chris. She loves him and wants to make it work, but couldn't say that she 100% still saw him as husband and father material.

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Hannah and Dylan

In the least surprising sequences of events in all of Bachelor in Paradise Season 6, Hannah and Dylan spent the night together in the fantasy suite, Dylan revealed via confessional that he intended to propose and wouldn’t handle it well if she said no, and Hannah was glowing when she talked about him. If Blake was the source of endless drama in Season 6, Hannah and Dylan created no drama once Hannah made her decision. So, are they engaged?

Yes! Surprisingly, Hannah gave Dylan a bit of a scare when she wasn’t immediately overflowing with enthusiasm about getting engaged before taking him home to her family, but he powered through and popped the question anyway. While Hannah didn’t answer right away and gazed at the ring at first, once prompted, she gave Dylan the happy answer, and now they’re engaged,

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Kristian and Demi

Kristian and Demi happily went to the fantasy suite, with Demi openly admitting how much she loves Kristian, and they were making out pretty much as soon as they entered the room. They seemed poised for a happily ever after, but Demi revealed her doubts via confessional. Heartbreakingly, she said that Kristian is “too good” for her. I haven’t been Demi’s biggest fan ever since she stayed to stomp on Derek’s heart after choosing Bachelor franchise outsider Kristian, but I felt for her here. Kristian was all-in during her confessionals.

When the time came for their big talk, both were initially too nervous to speak. Kristian went first and spoke about their first meeting and her fears even as she supported Demi going to Paradise, and Demi was quickly in tears. For her part, Demi acknowledged Kristian’s struggles and her patiences. Demi dropped the rom com line of “I found myself in you” before picking up a ring, going down on one knee, and proposing. Of course Kristian accepted, and they’re engaged!

In additional news, Tayshia Adams and John Paul Jones are back together again after Tayshia decided she'd made a mistake by letting JPJ go. She went to visit him, and despite the fact that he had done everything to avoid her, it didn't take much for him to get over his hurt feelings. He asked her to be his girlfriend, and they could be off to a happy ending! Am I the only one (other than Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson) who remembers what happened at the wedding?!

The Bachelor will be the next show in the franchise to air a new season, and we can probably count on some of the ladies who don't find love joining Bachelor in Paradise next summer. As for some of the other fresh blood who could appear on the show next year, we can probably expect some of the jilted guys from the next season of The Bachelorette as well.

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