The Voice's Jake Hoot Had A Small Christmas Problem After Winning The Voice

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The holiday season is upon us, which means for many it's a time of gift giving. Typically, coming into a lot of money during the holidays can be a great thing, though The Voice's Season 17 winner Jake Hoot now has a small problem this Christmas because of that.

Jake Hoot spoke to CinemaBlend following his victory, and as we previously reported, he had little expectation he would win. Now he's $100,000 richer, and realizing he and his girlfriend should've been a bit more careful in what they said to their daughters as the holiday season approached.

I told somebody the other day that every time we'd go into the store the girls would ask for something, me and my girlfriend thought it was smart to say, ‘Oh, we'll put it on your Christmas list.’ And I'm pretty sure our girls remember everything on that Christmas list, even though it's like a thousand items long.

Jake Hoot spent the whole year telling his daughter and his girlfriend's daughter to keep adding things to their Christmas list, and now he got paid just in time to pay the piper. It's a cute and funny problem to have, especially since Hoot never dreamed he'd be the winner of one of America's most popular singing competitions when he started making those promises.

Jake Hoot didn't tell CinemaBlend whether or not he'd be using that prize money for the presents, but he did reveal a bit about what his girls could expect under the tree on Christmas morning. The girls (Hadley and Macy) may not have a thousand items to look forward to on Christmas morning, but they do have one really special gift Hoot and his girlfriend got for them.

I've done some Christmas shopping for them. I got them a puppy that I'll be surprising them with...just super excited to get home and hold them and spend some Christmas time with them and they want me back home so they can start opening presents.

Hoot admitted that he hadn't thought much about The Voice prize money since winning, mostly because the days since winning have been like a blur. Take that, plus the holiday season, and the fact that he's going into 2020 with a record deal, and one can understand that all may be a little bit much to manage. Still, one can't help but think he'll bust out in 2020 and maybe be one of the biggest Voice winners to break out in Hollywood we've seen yet.

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The Voice returns to NBC in late February of 2020 with Nick Jonas as a coach. Stick with CinemaBlend in the meantime for more details on the competition, and for a look at what else is on the way in the world of television and movies.

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