Kevin Spacey Put Out Another Weird Video As House Of Cards’ Frank Underwood

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Following the accusations against Harvey Weinstein in 2017, the entertainment world was has an ongoing conversation about sexual misconduct in the workplace. The floodgates opened as the #MeToo movement gained power, and more powerful men in the industry were taken to task for inappropriate behavior in the workplace. One of the other big names to be affected was Kevin Spacey, who was fired from Netflix's House of Cards after multiple accusations came his way-- including some from the show's set. Last Christmas, Spacey went viral for a wild video he produced as his HoC character Francis Underwood. Now another one has arrived just in time for the holidays.

A calendar year ago, Kevin Spacey put out a video called "Let Me Be Frank", which found the actor putting on his House of Cards accent and addressing his unceremonious departure from Netflix's dark political drama. It was a totally weird experience, and now it looks like Spacey had made it a new family tradition. Check it out below.

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Well, that was something. Let's break down everything we're being shown in this new video.

Titled "KTWK" the above video comes from Kevin Spacey's personal social media accounts. The clip opens on a holiday fireplace, with the yule log burning. Eventually the shot widens, and Spacey is shown tending to the fire. He breaks the fourth wall like Francis was known to do on House of Cards, telling viewers he wasn't going to let the holiday season go by without sending us another message.

As he goes on, Kevin Spacey remarks that he's thankful for the improvement in his health. It's unclear if he's referencing himself personally, or Francis Underwood's unceremonious death ahead of House of Cards' final season. The production team of the acclaimed series had a difficult task ahead of them for Season 6. Francis was killed off in mysterious circumstances, although it was later revealed that Doug poisoned him to save Claire. That didn't really pan out well for poor Doug, either.

So what is the message that Francis/Kevin wanted to share this Holiday season? Apparently it's all about kindness and good in the world. While this is a message that seems appropriate for Christmas, there's something insidious about the way Spacey delivers his lines. He tells the audience to kill their enemies with kindness, with an emphasis on the word kill. And if that's not unsettling enough, the clip ends with some ominous music.

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This is the second video of this nature released by Kevin Spacey, and they're both equally wild. Spacey's work as Francis Underwood was universally acclaimed before the accusations of sexual misconduct resulted in his departure. So seeing him slip back into character for these clips is a very unique viewing experience. And it looks like we should expect another viral video in 365 days.

Last year's video "Let Me Be Frank" was in direct response to his firing from House of Cards, taking aim at how his character was killed off in the show's final season. The video maintained that he was still alive, and quickly went viral. We'll just have to see how much "KTWK" does.

You can watch House of Cards in full on Netflix. In the meantime, check out our midseason premiere list to plan your next binge watch.

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