Kevin Spacey's Weird Frank Underwood Video Has Been Watched By A Ton Of People

Kevin Spacey released a video this holiday season where he addressed viewers in the same style as his House of Cards character before he was axed from that series in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations. The video was even titled "Let Me Be Frank," in what could only be a nod to Frank Underwood as Spacey addressed the allegations against him. Now that the video has been online for a few days, the stats are in, and it turns out that a ton of people have watched so far.

"Let Me Be Frank" went up on Kevin Spacey's official accounts on various platforms on December 24, and the video gained a lot of traction very quickly, which is somewhat surprising since many people may have been celebrating the holidays rather than glued to their devices and scrolling social media. Let's start with YouTube, which has accumulated the most views so far.

At the time of writing on December 27, "Let Me Be Frank" has been viewed more than 7.7 million times on YouTube. Even if some of those views are repeats from viewers who came back to watch more than once, that's still a huge number for a video that only went up a few days ago. More than 42,000 comments have been shared, and the video has received a whopping 175,000 thumbs-up clicks, with only 52,000 thumbs-down clicks.

Facebook comes in second behind YouTube when it comes to views for "Let Me Be Frank." In the days since Kevin Spacey shared the video on that particular social media platform on Monday, it has accumulated 1.5 million views. On top of that, it has been shared more than 18,000 times and been commented upon more than 11,000 times. If that's not enough, the video drew 62,000+ reactions, which include thumbs-up, like, and more.

Coming in third in viewership is Kevin Spacey's video post on his Instagram account. As of now, "Let Me Be Frank" on that platform has been viewed by upward of 313,000 times and attracted more than 7,600 comments. While these numbers pale in comparison to those drawn by YouTube and Facebook, they still prove that plenty of people were watching on a variety of social media platforms.

A fourth platform indicating a lot of people checked out Kevin Spacey's video is Twitter. Although Twitter doesn't share viewership statistics the same way YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram do, and although Spacey's tweet is technically only a link to the video on YouTube, it garnered enough reactions to indicate that Twitter was how plenty of folks found the video. Since the video was posted on Spacey's Twitter account on the afternoon of December 24, it has accumulated nearly 17,000 retweets, nearly 50,000 likes, and around 17,000 comments.

In case you haven't caught the bizarre video yet, take a look!

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In "Let Me Be Frank," Kevin Spacey in his Frank Underwood-esque persona chastises the audience for rushing to judgment and even comments on the fact that Frank's body was never shown on House of Cards despite his reported death. Given that House of Cards is done and the video was posted the same day that news broke that Spacey will be charged with indecent assault in Massachusetts, I think it's safe to say we won't be seeing Spacey back as Frank Underwood in any official capacity.

Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest in TV news. All signs point toward Frank Underwood living on only in early seasons of House of Cards before Kevin Spacey was fired and replaced as lead by Robin Wright. For some upcoming viewing options on the streaming giant, swing by our 2019 Netflix premiere schedule.

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