Kevin Spacey Releases Frank Underwood Video, Asks Fans Not To Rush To Judgment

A little more than a year after disappearing from the public eye following allegations of sexual misconduct, Kevin Spacey made a surprise return yesterday in the form of a Facebook video. In it, the fifty-nine-year-old actor reprises his role as Frank Underwood, direct addressing the camera, chastising the audience for rushing to judgment and even hinting at a return to House Of Cards that will almost assuredly never happen . You can watch the brazen video, entitled Let Me Be Frank, below...

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The above video comes in the midst of news that Spacey will be charged in Massachusetts with indecent assault for an incident in which he allegedly stuck his hand down an 18-year-old's pants and grabbed his genitals. He's due to be arraigned at Nantucket District Court on January 7th. According to Fox News, he's expected to be charged with a felony.

Some of the specifics about the night still have not come to light, but the basic allegation stems from an incident that allegedly happened in July of 2016. Kevin Spacey was reportedly inside a bar in Nantucket when he met an eighteen-year-old busboy. The teen reportedly told the actor he was of legal drinking age. Spacey bought some rounds and later, allegedly stuck his hand down the busboy's pants without permission. A third person then reportedly approached the man and told him to flee, which he did.

It's still unclear exactly what Spacey's motivation for making the video may have been. Its timing and some of the video's content, particularly the sections about not rushing to judgment, would seem to indicate he was trying to get ahead of this story and implore the public to give him the benefit of the doubt until more information comes to light. Some of the other parts, however, seem to be implying fans must miss him on House Of Cards and maybe there's a chance he could end up back on the show someday. Like this quote...

"Now that I think of it, you never actually saw me die did you? Conclusions can be so deceiving. Miss me?"

Of course, Spacey's recent problems extend beyond this one case. Back in 2017, he was accused by actor Anthony Rapp of making a pass at him when he was underage. Following the allegation, several people who worked with the actor at The Old Vic theater also came forward with sexual misconduct stories, and he was later written out of Netflix's House Of Cards. His role in the Oscar-nominated film All The Money In The World was also recast, with much of the cast returning to reshoot key scenes with his replacement. Another movie he'd finished prior to the allegations was eventually released, though it performed terribly at the box office.

We'll keep you updated on Spacey's legal situation as it works its way through the court system.

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