Watching Steve Harvey Trim His Signature Mustache Is Riveting

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When somebody is on television five days a week for seemingly most of the year, a lot of time and attention obviously goes into one's visible appearance, whether it's makeup, wardrobe or hair. In the case of Family Feud frontman Steve Harvey, it's not so much the hair on his head that takes so much attention, but rather the hair above his upper lip. It's Harvey's hard-earned duty to keep his signature mustache looking as polished and stylish as can be.

What the comedian's fans might not realize, however, is that it's bizarrely engaging to watch Steve Harvey give his mustache a trim, due to the care and skill involved with keeping everything on the up and up. I'm not sure if the below clip would rightfully count as ASMR, but a four-hour compilation of Harvey's 'stache-trimming, on the other hand... In any case, check out the video below.

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Given a hundred guesses, I wouldn't have landed on the iconic Elton John to be the ideal background music for watching Steve Harvey tailor his facial hair, but I'll be damned if the low-key vibes from "Benny and the Jets" weren't perfectly suited for it. (It's 2020 now, where we're free to take as many guesses as we want about what TV entertainers listen to while they glam up in the dressing room.) The second video in Harvey's Instagram post talked about how that Elton John track was the first single by a white musician to be featured on Cleveland radio station WABQ back in the 1970s.

Do I wish that the first video went on a little longer and featured Steve Harvey turning his trimmer on and off to the tune of "Benny and the Jets" as he shaved? Do I also wish that there was a projector screen in the background where Bob Ross could be seen painting perfectly coifed mustaches onto trees and mountains? Do I also wish that mustache-trimming videos would become a thing to the point where we could compare Harvey's to those of Tom Selleck and Nick Offerman? Yes to all of these things, probably.

I have a feeling if two or more people were about to get into a big brawl, all it would take is someone showing everyone this video of Steve Harvey trimming his mustache, and the collective rage would just dissipate. Or, at the very least, all that rage would transform into a mildly irritated confusion. Which would probably be a similar kind of confusion to the way people felt when he completely shaved his mustache off a couple of years ago.

After having another snafu at the Miss Universe pageant recently, Steve Harvey and his mustache celebrated the new year with plenty of viewers as part of Fox's New Year's Eve with Steve Harvey, and both were recreated in LEGO for the broadcast in part to promote Fox's up coming competition series LEGO Masters. The host didn't appear to be too happy with former NFL tight end Rob Gronkowski, who showed up and spiked LEGO Harvey on the ground like a football, completely obliterating it. Check out the clip below.

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For those who won't spend the rest of the year riveted to screens as Steve Harvey trims his mustache – and if the LEGO Movie animation company wants to make a brick-ified version of the video above, I'm all for it – you can check out the facial hair on a daily basis when Family Feud airs in syndication. Check your local listings to see when and where it airs in your area.

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