Last Man Standing Fans Call Out Twitter For Promoting Wrong Network

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Last Man Standing's fanbase, not to mention the cast and crew, went through a rough patch from the summer of 2017 up to the fall TV season of 2018. That time window, of course, followed ABC cancelling Last Man Standing after its (popular and well-rated) sixth season, and before Season 7 started airing on its new network, Fox. It's been well over a year since Tim Allen's family sitcom returned to the airwaves, but it appears someone at Twitter completely missed the message about the network change.

Fans were fairly quick to point out the error in Twitter's ways when the social media platform promoted Last Man Standing's Season 8 premiere as airing on its old network of ABC, as opposed to its current home at Fox. The shot of the smiling TV cast atop the erroneous info just made things all the more awkward.

Just because it's a new year doesn't mean people stopped paying attention, and fans predictably called out Twitter for getting the info wrong. The post below was a fairly tame jab at the service.

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It's likely that lots of Last Man Standing fans' eyes were rolling at the sight of Twitter's network identification mistake. The show's cancellation on ABC was viewed by many as a politically guided move by the network, and execs' reasonings at the time did little to soothe anyone's frustrations. So to see it getting promoted once again as an ABC show is adding insult to a mostly healed-over injury.

True to form, one Twitter user called out the Last Man Standing snafu as fake news. At least they got the character's name right, eh?

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The Last Man Standing fan in the post below not only wants Twitter to know that its public notice was wrong, but also that the Tim Allen sitcom is much better where it's currently airing. Which, for what it's worth, is a sentiment that has been shared by a lot of people online. That said, some are still rather undone by the casting changes for Season 7, and by the general absence of Golden Globe nominee Kaitlyn Dever, whose career has taken off in the meantime.

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Of course, not every Last Man Standing fan is totally plugged into the current here and now. While Twitter was promoting the show as still being on ABC, one Twitter user apparently just discovered on Sunday night that Last Man Standing got revived after its initial cancellation.

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Here's hoping that fan had a great night after learning that "new" info. And as well, here's hoping Twitter fact-checks its Last Man Standing announcements in the future. Or else Mike Baxter might have to come knocking.

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