Ariel Winter In A Crop Top Knows She's Cute Just Not 'Baby Yoda Cute'

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The world can be a rough place, but everyone seems to be uniting in their love for Baby Yoda, The Mandalorian’s sweet and adorably fuzzy green creature. Modern Family star Ariel Winter is not averse to the magnetism of Baby Yoda either. So, when she recently posted a casual photo showing off her crop top, she maintained that she knows she’s cute, but gives it up that she's just not “Baby Yoda cute.”

Ariel Winter took to Instagram to post several selfies showing off a long-sleeved crop top. The Modern Family actress looks comfortable and well-rested at home, as opposed to filming the popular ABC sitcom’s 11th and final season. Alongside the picture, she wrote a fun caption encapsulating the photos, and ensuring that her inherent cuteness is still incomparable to that of Baby Yoda. Check out the photos and caption below!

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Ariel Winter is absolutely right. No one can reach Baby Yoda levels of adorable and I'd like to see anyone try. The character, first introduced in The Mandalorian’s Season 1 premiere, has taken the internet by storm with memes, gifs, and pictures for products that sadly weren’t released in time for the 2019 holiday season.

Anything Baby Yoda does, from sipping soup to blinking sleepily, is considered sacred and precious. Ariel Winter knows she can’t possibly compete with that level of cuteness, at least in a general "everybody is a fanatic" way. Baby Yoda would approve of Winter’s willingness to humble herself before him, assuming he understood what the deal was.

However, perhaps the Modern Family actress could let Baby Yoda borrow the crop top, just so the internet can have more of the cuteness. Just throw the top so that it lands on his head, covering half of his face, and then when he tries to put it on, his whole body just slides through the neck hole. It's just too cute, people!

Besides taking the time to capture looking cute for the camera, Ariel Winter has been hard at work filming Modern Family and hitting the gym to get fit for the show’s final season. A couple of months ago, Winter posted several videos detailing her hardcore gym workouts and they looked intense.

Fans concerned about Ariel Winter's sudden weight loss were soothed by the actress' updates about her health and wellness. Winter revealed that switching medications led to her drop in weight, as opposed to something more problematic. Though it’s been a while since she’s posted about gym workouts, her latest photos seems to indicate that she’s happy with herself at the moment, and it shows.

Because of Ariel Winter’s caption, however, I definitely can’t look at the photos the same way anymore. Her crop top is cute and Winter seems like she’s having fun posing for the photos, but I keep imagining where soup-sipping Baby Yoda could be edited into the photos now that the sweet green creature has been brought up, but maybe that’s just me. Feel free to make those pics and add them to the comments below, though.

If we’re lucky, Baby Yoda could guest star before the show’s end, but that’s a pipe dream. While there isn’t any news about Ariel Winter’s future projects after Modern Family’s series finale, which co-creator Christopher Lloyd admitted he felt "pressure to cobble together an ending,” fans can still watch her as Alex Dunphy every Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET on ABC. For more on what to watch, be sure to check out our 2020 midseason schedule.

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