A Bunch Of Times Ariel Winter Went To The Gym To Get Fit Ahead Of Modern Family's Final Season

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The long-running ABC comedy Modern Family is wrapping up an extended run with a highly-anticipated series ender, and one of its stars has been hitting the gym as the end grows near. It seems to be a growing trend for actors heading into a final season, and star Ariel Winter was a gym frequenter in preparation for Modern Family's swan song season.

Similar to how Tom Ellis has been so gym-heavy going into Lucifer’s last installment, Modern Family's Ariel Winter has been sharing lots of gym videos and updates surrounding her unexpected weight loss. The Modern Family recently explained what's behind the recent changes, with a significant contributor being a change in her medications.

Back in October 2018, Ariel Winter showed off a video of a super exhausting-looking exercise at the gym. Posted when Modern Family’s penultimate season was still airing on ABC, the video's caption stated that Winter was already working on her fitness. Check it out below, and feel the burn as Winter lifts her legs with weights on her ankles!

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Fast forward to October 19, at which point the Modern Family cast had already learned that Season 11 would be the show's last; they'd accordingly shared their reactions to the news. The bad news didn't stop Ariel Winter from continuing her gym routine or sharing her workouts with her Instagram followers, though. A few weeks after Season 11 premiered, Winter showed off the hard work she was putting in at the gym in this video:

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Not too long after Ariel Winter posted the above video, she loaded another one up on Instagram. This one is of another incredibly tough exercise that is exhausting just to watch, so I do not know how the Modern Family star does it! Winter prefaced the video by saying she has not perfected the technique, but it looks fantastic to me! Check it out:

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The Modern Family star is going through the final season on a new medication and a continued fitness regimen. While the ABC comedy has not gotten a spinoff quite yet, it will be interesting to see if Ariel Winter’s Alex Dunphy will play a role if one ever happens. Her on-screen sister has her next TV role lined up, and Winter herself recently cameoed on an episode of Law & Order: SVU, but hasn't lined up a future gig just yet.

What will Ariel Winter get up to next? Time will tell, although the actress probably will, too, considering her social media usage. Modern Family ending has to be an emotional thing for Winter and the entire cast. The 21-year-old has grown up on the show, which started airing back in 2009, when Winter was roughly 11 years old. Getting those emotions out at the gym has to be cathartic in some ways.

For fans wondering if the infamously close co-stars will re-team, there is promising news for at least two of them. Hint: Eric Stonestreet and his on-screen husband! Stay tuned to see if Ariel Winter ends up re-teaming with her Modern Family co-stars!

Check out Ariel Winter as Alex Dunphy in new episodes of Modern Family’s eleventh and final season. They air on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC. Season 11 is just one of this fall’s big shows, but check out our Fall TV rundown to see everything else.

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