Check Out Ryan Seacrest Tumbling Backwards From His Chair On Live With Kelly And Ryan

In the annals of television hosts, few have come across as ceaselessly professional and charismatic at Ryan Seacrest, who shows off his affable qualities on a daily basis as part of the daytime talk show Live with Kelly and Ryan. Of course, even the most proper TV personality will occasionally have a momentary relapse, and Seacrest became all of us this week when he flopped backwards out of his chair in the midst of a Live episode.

For the Live with Kelly and Ryan episode that taped on Tuesday, January 7, the celebrations got a little out of hand as the one co-host got a little out of his chair. Check out the video below, which was shared in good humor by Ryan Seacrest himself.

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While the Travel Trivia section of Live with Kelly and Ryan had its plusses, the talk show was granted one of its most classically viral moments yet whenever Ryan Seacrest went jubilantly overboard in trying to secure some big yellow and silver balloons. Gravity had very different plans for that interaction, however, as Seacrest's quick movements knocked his chair off balance, and he went tumbling backwards with arms flailing.

It's just like Jack and Jill, only if Jack's crown was round and floated, and if Jill did not make any moves to tumble down after him. Also, the whereabouts of a water pail weren't revealed, but it's essentially the same as the nursery rhyme. Or not.

Thankfully, Ryan Seacrest wasn't injured in the fall (or else this piece and many other reactions to it would appear quite disdainful), and he came out of it a lot more amused and jovial than many other people would have been. To the point where his laughter could be heard even before Kelly Ripa composed herself enough to ask if he was okay. He even went so far as to complete the act of grabbing that yellow balloon, joking in the end that he finally got it.

Here's hoping it was all worth it. And I'm sure it was, because look how shiny! [laughs mirthfully] It's a wonder nothing like this happened during his latest New Year's Eve special, where there were likely more intoxicants involved.

Seacrest shared a more slowed down version of the clip in an Instagram story, and also joked in his caption that it was his first big fumble of the new season. Unfortunately for the American Idol frontman, though, the NFL is already heading into the divisional round of the playoffs, so Seacrest is out of luck there.

But in the spirit of the above stage fumble, here's the greatest/worst blooper in NFL history:

Ryan Seacrest should feel as lucky as the rest of us that we will never have to suffer through such a monstrous faux pas as the butt fumble in our own personal lives. If he plays his cards right, that luck should hold out so that he doesn't ever take a backwards spill on live TV again. But I mean, once you bring out the shiny yellow and silver balloons, you might as well also bring the tranquilizer darts, because Seacrest is gonna tear shit up.

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With new episodes in full swing for 2020, Live with Ryan and Kelly airs in syndication, so check your local listings to see when and where it's playing in your area. And don't forget to keep current with everything yet to air in the early months with our Winter and Spring TV schedule.

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