The Bachelor Producers Encourage Contestants To Steal ‘For A Sec’ With Peter Weber

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As any fan of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and /or Bachelor in Paradise will know pretty well by now, each show seems to follow a set playbook for how things progress when it comes to the leads interacting with those vying for their hearts. But, franchise host Chris Harrison was quick a few months ago to remind us that what we saw as "rules" were really more like loosey goosey guidelines that could be switched up at any minute. Well, we know now that at least one of the common traits of the show is very much encouraged by producers.

Something that happens every single Bachelor / Bachelorette season, especially during the opening stretch after the prospective wives / husbands arrive at the mansion, is that many of them try to force the hand of the lead when it comes to getting to know them. How? Well, as the lead speaks to each person one-on-one, it's not a surprise for a different suitor to crash the party and ask, "Can I steal you for a second?" As can be expected, the same thing happened on new Bachelor Peter Weber's season premiere, and he always agreed to the interruption.

So, why does this happen all the time? According to Chris Harrison, it's not just the contestants deciding to go for it, as the producers do stoke the "can I steal you?" flames. Here's what he told Entertainment Tonight:

The logistics of trying to get 30 people to have 30, sometimes 40, conversations -- because some [are] going twice -- so it is the logistics of just trying to make sure everybody gets a little bit of face time before Peter has to make that conversation. Sometimes the women will do it themselves. Sometimes a producer will say, 'Hey, you haven't had your time. You need to get in there when you see an opportunity.’

You know what? As a recently inducted member of Bachelor Nation, this is actually a relief to hear. Every season, there are many aspects of The Bachelor (not to mention the other franchise shows) that will be mildly to severely irritating, and, for me, hearing "Can I steal you for a sec?" almost every time the lead sits down with someone definitely tips the scale at severely. I have wondered for several seasons now why the lead allows the near-constant interruptions and now I realize that they know the producers would prefer it if they did.

I mean, I totally understand where the impulse to break into someone else's one-on-one time comes from. As Chris Harrison said, if you're competing for the lead's attention, you need to get some solo face time with him or her. That first night in the mansion is especially crucial, which is why we always see so many people come out of the limo in crazy costumes or introduce themselves with some kind of gimmick; they're trying to make themselves a memorable member of the throng.

Peter Weber started Season 24 of The Bachelor with a whopping 30 women to choose from. There's a rose ceremony at the end of that first night, so if you don't get to spend any alone time talking to the man, he'll be even more likely to withhold his precious rose (not a euphemism) from you and send you packing. So, we end up with scenarios like this:

Ahem...As you can see, producers probably really like this move because it leads to early tension, and The Bachelor is next-to-nothing if there's no drama between the ladies. So, ladies and gents, go ahead! Shoot your shot with the lead and steal away, because literally no one is going to stop you.

We can watch Peter Weber get stolen, Mondays on ABC at 8 p.m. EST. For more of what you can watch in the coming weeks, check out our 2020 winter / spring premiere guide!

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