Kim Wexler Finally Meets 'Saul Goodman' In Better Call Saul Season 5 Preview

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If the road to hell is paved with good intentions, then Better Call Saul's Jimmy McGill is responsible for crafting the carpool lane. In Season 5, Bob Odenkirk's Breaking Bad alter ego Saul Goodman is finally rising from the ashes of Jimmy's destroyed law career, as is made evident in the show's newest preview.

Naturally, the first person who gets to talk to Saul Goodman in the Better Call Saul video below is Rhea Seehorn's Kim Wexler, who is probably one of the last people in the world who wants that personality to exist. Kim is way too busy to have to worry about Jimmy's exponential shenanigans as an even shadier lawyer than he was. Check out the clip below to see what's coming to Season 5.

Assuming those first moments come from the beginning of the premiere, and not a flashback, it appears as if Season 5 will start off almost immediately where Season 4 left things off, with Jimmy officially turning Saul Goodman into a practicing lawyer. Lucky for him, Kim didn't flee the courthouse in frustration upon him doing so.

That said, one can't help but get the feeling that the end is drawing near for Kim and Ji...Saul. She obviously isn't around during Breaking Bad's run, though it's not at all obvious whether or not she is still alive during that timeline. One would hope that co-creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould would want to keep her alive as long as possible, as not to upend part of the fanbase, but it's not as if death is blue-moon rarity in this universe.

After those earliest moments, the Season 5 preview hones in on more of the death-fueled elements within Better Call Saul's darker narrative strains. Namely, everything to do with Giancarlo Esposito's Gus Fring and Tony Dalton's Lalo Salamanca, who is being set up as a major big bad in Season 5.

Lalo is also presumably dead when Bob Odenkirk's Saul Goodman gets introduced on Breaking Bad, though Saul's initially wary of Lalo being the one responsible for threatening his life. It isn't entirely clear whether or not the rule-dodging lawyer will cross paths with Lalo right away in Season 5, or if it'll happen this season at all. After all, Lalo probably has his hands full with Gus and Nacho and whatever problems come with the life of a drug cartel.

I also believe fans can start to get pretty worried about Michael Mando's Nacho, whose life got all the more complicated following Hector Salamanca's "accident." He's having to tiptoe the already frayed lines between Fring's hyper-structured tyranny and Lalo's unpredictable explosiveness. It's a wonder that Better Call Saul has made it this long without the cops entering the story to pose as even a third-level threat.

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Find out where Kim and Saul are heading in Season 5 when the premiere hits AMC on Sunday, February 23, and picks back up again with Episode 2 on Monday night. Both episodes air at 9:00 p.m. ET.

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