Survivor Is Celebrating Its 40th Season In An Awesome Way

Jeff Probst Survivor Winners At War

Survivor will celebrate 40 seasons this February, and as previous info on the milestone season has shown, CBS is going big. Survivor: Winners At War will bring back prior winners of the series for a chance to take home $2 million in prize money. It should be a great season for fans, who will also get a treat of their own in the form of a special called Survivor At 40: Greatest Moments And Players that looks back on the competition's greatest competitors and moments.

Survivor At 40: Greatest Moments And Players is an hour-long special set to air ahead of the Season 40 premiere of Survivor: Winners At War. As the title teases, the special will relive the most iconic moments of Survivor, and feature interviews with players from the past twenty years of the series. Viewers will hear from players like Boston Rob, Amber Mariano, Jeremy Collins, Parvati Shallow, and Ben Driebergen as they talk about their biggest moments of the game.

Of the Survivor moments teased for the special, obviously we're going to hear more about Rob and Amber's love story. We'll also hear about Parvati's insane move of convincing Erik to give up his immunity necklace, and more on Cirie Fields crazy elimination from Tribal Council despite not getting a vote. If it's a moment that defined or changed the game, Survivor At 40: Greatest Moments And Players will probably cover it.

Survivor At 40: Greatest Moments And Players won't just look at the past either, and will give viewers a look ahead at Survivor: Winners At War. This means fans will get a sneak peek at the season exactly one week before the two-hour premiere of the biggest season Survivor has aired in quite some time. There's a lot on the line, especially given some of the unsavory problems that Survivor: Island of the Idols faced in late 2019.

Many will be watching Survivor: Winners At War for the high-level gameplay between former winners, but others may tune in to see if any more controversy is stirred in the follow up to Survivor: Island of the Idols. Season 39 resulted in the game being forced to eject its first player ever, and there have been admissions from Jeff Probst and others that the situation could've been handled better. It will be interesting to see what problems could arise between players in Season 40, and how the show will use what it learned with the Dan Spilo situation to address any controversy going forward.

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Survivor At 40: Greatest Moments And Players will air on CBS, Wednesday, February 5 at 8:00 p.m. ET. Survivor: Winners At War will premiere on CBS Wednesday, February 12 at 8:00 p.m. ET and will run for two hours. Be sure to stick with CinemaBlend for updates on the competition, and for more on the world of movies and television.

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