High Fidelity Trailer Reveals What A Gender-Swapped Rob Gordon Looks Like (Answer: Catwoman)

zoe Kravitz in high fidelity

We’ve known for a while that High Fidelity would become a TV series scheduled to hit Hulu in 2020. Knowing something and seeing it in action are two separate things, and this morning Hulu released the full look at the upcoming series, which has Big Little Lies and soon-to-be Catwoman actress Zoe Kravitz playing the traditional Rob Gordon role.

It's a little weird to see a different cast playing the characters, but I don't think anyone was advocating for John Cusack and co. to reprise their roles and revive the original characters, particularly given that High Fidelity the movie has a weirdly perfect ending. Therefore, the creative team is going the "what can we do differently?" route. Take a look.

Yes, this version will star a leading lady, but otherwise feels very much like the 2000 classic, which is very much like Nick Hornby’s 1995 book of the same name. In it, Zoe Kravitz will play record store owner Rob, a music fan and person who generally misunderstands relationships.

Most importantly, it will be keeping the Top 5 lists, which is a huge thing for Rob and is basically the way Rob looks at the world. In general, High Fidelity looks like it will have at least 5 top reasons to watch:

1. If you are a fan of the original movie's premise and not necessarily its cast.2. If you want to be informed and perhaps as blunt as John Cusack about the remake.3. If you want to catch Zoe Kravitz in the project before her Catwoman debut.4. If you are a music lover and particularly a vinyl lover. 5. If you are really intrigued by a gender-swapped version of a character like Rob Gordon.

Ultimately, this version of High Fidelity is coming in a new age. Rob’s companions will be different (and like Rob herself, one will be gender-flipped and played by Da’Vine Joy Randolph). So instead of Dick and Barry, the record store will be filled with Rob’s coworkers Cherise and Simon, who try to give her both support and tough love when she decides to explore her past relationships to see where they went wrong and if there's anything she can change. There are some funny moments in this first look, and we'll have to wait and see if there's an appetite for this sort of remake.

On the one hand, vinyl has made a comeback in recent years, making this show more timely than it could have been. On the other, there are a whole lot of reboots, remakes, sequels and revivals in the works right now. But hey, if Bad Boys For Life can make money after so many years, perhaps this one will find an audience as well.

High Fidelity is heading to Hulu very soon. The Hulu premiere schedule for February is already up for your perusal, and the new series will be hitting the subscription streaming service starting on February 14. So, if you don't have a date for the Valentine's Day holiday, working through Rob being dumped and being the dumpee might be a worthwhile use of your time.

Jessica Rawden
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