Chicago Fire's Jesse Spencer Warns Season 8 Is Not The Time For Casey And Brett Romance

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Chicago Fire fans hoping that things will heat up between good friends Matthew Casey and Sylvie Brett on the romance front will need to brace themselves. Casey’s portrayer, Jesse Spencer, is not pouring entirely cold water on the pair’s potential. However, he is warning that it may not happen in Season 8.

First things first, Casey is still recovering from life after his divorce from his former wife, Gabriela Dawson. While there have been hints at a romantic future between Casey and Brett, Dawson’s return brought about “mixed emotions” for the pair. Upon her Chicago Fire return, it was clear that the chemistry between Dawson and Casey had far from fizzled in Season 8.

Casey and his ex-wife ended up hooking up during the fall finale, further complicating things between Casey and Brett. Where does this leave Casey’s love life on Chicago Fire? Well, Casey and Brett’s friendship flame will continue to grow in Season 8, according to Jesse Spencer. Of Casey and Brett’s romantic future, Spencer told TV Guide:

So [showrunner Derek Haas] right now, he's really building off the friendship between them because it was sort of like they've both been through a lot of stuff, emotional sort of baggage. If we do get there, this season is going to be about them building a strong base and building some friendship. If it goes in that direction, then it does. And if it doesn't, it doesn't.

There you have it. While Casey and Brett may or may not get there eventually, it does not sound likely they will get romantic in Season 8. Chicago Fire fans will have to stay tuned. For now, the show plans to continue shoring up the duo’s friendship. Jesse Spencer also hints that there are other issues they need to work through before something romantic can happen.

Monica Raymund has not ruled out a return to the series, which certainly adds fuel for the Dawson/Casey fanbase to hope. If Raymund eventually comes back, a reunion between Dawson and Casey could theoretically happen. As for Brett and Casey shippers, Jesse Spencer indicates that their friendship will continue to build.

Friendship is not a hindrance to a lasting romance, in my opinion. It just remains to be seen if one will actually take root between Casey and Brett on Chicago Fire at this point. Jesse Spencer did add that Casey will get back into the dating scene by the end of Season 8. So, for fans hoping that Casey just finds love, period, that is something.

Despite hooking up with Dawson in Season 8, Casey will eventually set his eyes on finding a different romance. It is all happening thanks to his dive back into the dating pool instead of moving on with Brett in the immediate future. Does she have a shot at being one of his dates?

What Jesse Spencer said indicates that Casey will be keeping his options open. On the non-romantic front, Casey is going to be busy in Season 8, especially in the finale per previous teases. Meanwhile, Chicago Fire is planning a crossover with Chicago P.D., so you will want to stay tuned for that.

Find out what happens between Casey and Brett when new episodes of Chicago Fire air this winter on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

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