The Bachelor Peter Weber Reveals His Three Frontrunners

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As dramatic fan theories can attest, The Bachelor is in the midst of an intense season, and it continues to heat up. The titular star Peter Weber is opening up about his three frontrunners from this ongoing season. At least, his current three frontrunners.

Pete Weber, a.k.a. “Pilot Pete,” is continuing his quest for love on the ABC reality series, with three favorites currently running close to his heart. So far, the show has already welcomed back Peter’s former flame, Hannah Brown, but don't expect his feelings for her to have remained intact. In Season 24, Peter is getting his shot at finding love among a bevy of hopefuls, so who is currently dominating his heart? Peter told ET:

I had an amazing night last night with Victoria P. Her heart just completely shined through. She was able to open up to me and definitely falling for her very hard. I’m really feeling Madison, she's my first one-on-one and she just, it was kinda cool to share, I was able to share a really personal date with her and something that really meant a lot to me. She just absolutely killed it. I'm really vibing with her as well.

There you have it, or some of it at least. Victoria Paul and Madison Prewitt are presently among the top three frontrunners in line for Peter’s heart. Of course, a lot can change on The Bachelor from week to week, so fans will have to stay tuned to learn if that status gets shaken up. It is still super early in the season, after all, and the drama is just beginning in some ways.

Thank goodness Peter has trustworthy host Chris Harrison to rely on as Season 24 progresses, which has to be a huge comfort for him. Peter only revealed two of his three frontrunners above, though. So, who is rounding out his top three? A contestant that Peter is very familiar with, of course. He continued:

[I] kind of have a little bit of a backstory with her before all this started. Just kinda a fate thing. Kelley, just right off the bat, [we had a] really great connection. I'm feeling really good about her.

Peter revealed that Kelley Flanagan is another woman making a mighty strong impression on him so far. Helping her case is the backstory she and Peter share from before The Bachelor started. They met a month prior to The Bachelor in a hotel lobby, but could that connection really be enough to help Kelley win Peter's heart in the long-term?

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What about the other question many Bachelor Nation fans likely want to know? Is Victoria P., Madison, or Kelley the woman that Peter’s mom tells him not to let go of? Spoilers from The Bachelor have already narrowed down who Peter’s final four will be, though there are still many questions regarding the details.

MAJOR SPOILERS from The Bachelor Season 24 production are discussed below, beyond just what the episodes have shown. So do not read on if you want to stay surprised.

Some of Season 24's leaked spoilers have confirmed that Peter’s final four will include the aforementioned Madison, Hannah Ann Sluss, Victoria Fuller, and Kelsey Weier. Are you noticing anything in particular? Out of Peter’s self-proclaimed three frontrunners (at this point), only Madison will apparently make it to his final four selection, with both Kelley and Victoria P. absent from the final tally.

All of this said, fans of The Bachelor need to brace themselves, because Season 24 will not have a “normal” ending. Narrowing down that final four is who spoilers spill will comprise Peter’s top three. It is said that Hannah Ann, Madison, and Victoria F. will have that honor. Madison and Hannah Ann will reportedly be the final two. What does this mean?

It seems that Madison has captured Peter’s heart pretty early on in The Bachelor, and that does not sound set to change. She will apparently make it to the final round, but does that longevity speak to her being the one that Peter will choose when he makes his ultimate choice?

Tune in to find out who Pilot Pete finds eternal love with (or some shorter amount of time) when new episodes of The Bachelor air this winter on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. The very first season of The Bachelor’s is currently streaming on Netflix, along with tons of new 2020 content.

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