Supernatural Revealed The Secret Weapon To Kill God, But Can It Be Done?

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Spoilers ahead for Episode 11 of Supernatural Season 15, called "The Gamblers."

Supernatural is headed into its second hiatus of Season 15 before switching to a new time slot, and "The Gamblers" left fans with a lot to ponder over the break when it comes to the Winchesters' battle against God. The episode revealed a secret weapon to kill God, but there are reasons to wonder if they can pull it off. Why? Because the secret weapon is Jack.

Jack of course died at the end of Season 14 when the Winchesters and Castiel took a stand against God after God revealed he'd been writing their story all along, and Jack was seemingly stuck in The Empty with the reaper Billie. So, Cas was shocked when a local cop reached out with video footage of Jack killing a doctor and eating his heart, and the doc wasn't the only one to wind up heartless

Fortunately, the reality was somewhat less gruesome than Jack deliberately killing good, contributing members of society to munch on their hearts. The doctor and the others were actually Grigori, a.k.a. powerful angels who fell and began to feed on human souls. Castiel caught up with Jack after Jack killed the last Grigori, and he wound up letting Jack eat the heart.

When Cas and Jack met up with Sam and Dean at the bunker, the truth came out: Billie hid Jack in The Empty to protect him until she brought him back to the world, but he can't use his powers without alerting God to his presence. He was hunting Grigori and eating their hearts to strengthen himself to the point that he could kill God. That sounds great, right?

If everything goes according to plan and Jack, strengthened by the bloody hearts he ate, is able to kill God, then maybe a happily-ever-after is in store. The WInchesters did get their luck back after God removed his protection from them, so they have that going for them now that Jack is back with a mission. It would be great if Jack could stop God, and Sam and Dean wouldn't have to become monsters and/or kill each other, and Cas won't have to disappear.

But why the secrecy? Surely Billie could have brought Sam, Dean, and Castiel into her plan with Jack, and it was pure happenstance that they even found out Jack was back. If Billie had her way, Jack could very well still be following her instructions without his three father figures weighing in. Her loyalties as a reaper may be very different from the rest of them.

And I can't help but compare Jack eating hearts to strengthen himself in Season 15 to Sam drinking blood to strengthen himself back in Season 4. I know that the situations are different, not least because Jack is a nephilim and Sam was a normal human, but Jack killing to consume something distasteful to stage a last stand against a big bad is pretty much exactly what Sam did back in the day.

That didn't end well, and it left Sam pretty messed up. At the very least, I hope Jack doesn't wind up with a heart addiction like Sam developed a blood addiction. Still, everything could be absolutely fine and the guys could successfully strengthen Jack to kill God and everything ends just fine. Except maybe for Castiel, because of that deal he made.

Unfortunately, fans have more than a month to wait before finding out what happens next. Supernatural returns on Monday, March 16 at 8 p.m. ET, and it will be paired with Roswell, New Mexico rather than Legacies. For some viewing options between now and Supernatural's new time slot debut on March 16, check out our 2020 winter and spring premiere schedule.

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