Bachelor Spoilers: Wow, 10 Women Will Leave Peter's Season This Week?

Hannah Ann Sluss looks shocked open mouth The Bachelor 2020 ABC

SPOILERS ahead from The Bachelor 2020, aka Bachelor Peter Weber's Season 24.

The Bachelor 2020 is holding a fire sale for bachelorettes and EVERYONE.MUST.GO. Bachelor Peter Weber's Season 24 is airing two episodes in the first week of February -- two (actually three) hours on Monday, February 3 and two on Wednesday, February 5 on ABC. Why? I guess we were either very good or very, very bad. Either way, we'll head into the week with 16 women still in contention for permanent windmill status, but by the end of the week we may be down to just six.

I say may because you never know how ABC is going to air this stuff. So far, The Bachelor 2020 has been very light on rose ceremonies and heavy on drama. Wednesday's episode may end on another cliffhanger instead of ending with another rose ceremony. Plus, even when Bachelor Peter does have a rose ceremony, he keeps allowing people to come back. First he was all ready to have Hannah Brown stay permanently, and just recently he allowed Alayah Benavidez to return from elimination and even gave her the group rose in front of everyone else.

That said, if the two episodes this week go as spoiled, Bachelor Peter should be losing these 10 women from the end of the Ohio trip to Costa Rica to Chile. Some leave because he dumped them, and at least one because she wanted to leave:

Alayah BenavidezKiarra NormanSavannah MullinsDeandra KanuShiann LewisLexi BuchananMykenna DunnTammy LyVictoria PaulSydney Hightower

It might help to name who is still around after the great purge. Here are Bachelor Peter's reported final six:

Madison PrewettHannah Ann SlussVictoria FullerKelsey WeierKelley FlanaganNatasha Parker

Other than the top two of Madison and Hannah Ann -- we don't know which one Peter may have picked yet -- that should be the order of elimination for the top six. Natasha is said to be dumped on a one-on-one date, and Kelley -- Kelley of the hotel meet-up before The Bachelor, Kelley who is way too normal for this dang show -- is said to be eliminated before hometowns. Kelsey is said to be send home at hometowns and Victoria F. goes home during the overnight dates. There's a lot of drama ahead for Victoria F. during hometowns and overnights. And then we get down to Bachelor Peter's final two and his mysterious abnormal ending with news from Chris Harrison and whatever Peter's mom is talking about.

Back to this coming week, though. Alayah will leave after all of that drama, and Reality Steve said he was told she left on her own whether that's how it's portrayed or not. Might be mutual.

That rose ceremony should show Kiarra Norman, Savannah Mullins, and Deandra Kanu leaving. Then we get Costa Rica, and the aftermath of Bachelor Peter's "freak accident," which happened on a day they weren't filming. Apparently he was golfing and hit his head on a cocktail glass, it made headlines back in October when he got 22 stitches.

In ABC's press release for the episode, Peter will tell the women "the crazy story of his character-building wound." Character-building! He has a Harry Potter scar on his forehead from stepping into a golf cart and hitting his head and smashing his forehead into a glass he was holding. Character-building. I can't.

Anyway, Bachelor Peter has two one-on-one dates in Costa Rica -- one with Sydney and one with Kelley. They both get roses. The group date is a Cosmopolitan swimsuit fashion spread and even though Reality Steve didn't have spoilers on who won, there are hints that it's Hannah Ann, winning for her modeling again. (Update: Nope, Victoria F. won the competition, although Cosmo will not post her image. But Hannah Ann did get the group date rose.) Shiann Lewis and Lexi Buchanan exit before the group heads to Santiago, Chile.

In the Chile episode -- which should air Wednesday -- Hannah Ann and Victoria F. both get one-on-one dates and roses. The group date is a telenovela. There's also the dreaded two-on-one date with Mykenna Dunn and Tammy Ly. They reportedly BOTH go home, whether that's fully shown February 5 or not. (Update: The 2-on-1 date was shown on Wednesday but only Tammy was sent home. Mykenna left a few minutes later at the rose ceremony, though.)

Also, Victoria Paul is said to leave the show on her own, away from a rose ceremony or date, at some point in Chile. Victoria P. and Bachelor Peter reportedly have another talk and realize they are not on the same page. It does seem like the Alayah drama got between them and there's a lack of trust now. Plus, she had to go home and crown the next Miss Louisiana, which she did a day after flying home. I would probably prioritize that over dating Peter too, if I knew there just wasn't a future there.

According to Steve, that means Sydney Hightower -- who also got caught up in a lot of drama -- is the only one who gets eliminated at the rose ceremony in Chile. They may or may not show that on Wednesday's episode. If not, it should air the following Monday, we'll see. (Update: They did show it on Wednesday, but both Sydney and Mykenna were eliminated at the rose ceremony. But that's all 10 in one week, across FIVE hours of Bachelor content from Monday and Wednesday. Phew!)

I wouldn't be shocked if they ended Wednesday's episode on the two-on-one date cliffhanger, without showing whether Bachelor Peter dumped Mykenna or Tammy, even before Sydney gets dumped. We'll see. If the show finally does get in gear and airs all of the rose ceremonies (like it used to every week), The Bachelor could show all 10 women leaving before the show heads to Lima, Peru on February 10.

The Bachelor 2020 will only air on Wednesday this coming February 5, as far as I know, but we can probably expect the usual Tuesday night episode for the two-night finale. Stay tuned for more as Bachelor Peter's search for true love -- or at least more pain and suffering -- continues on ABC.

Don't forget that The Bachelor Season 24 will be followed by that strange new spinoff, then we need a new 2020 Bachelorette before Bachelor in Paradise. Any early Bachelorette contenders? I think Victoria P. is now out. Kelsey seemed to get a boost after her one-on-one date, but ... eh. No thanks. I haven't forgotten her ChampagneGate freakout. Is Kelley too normal? What about Tammy? I could see Tammy. Keep up with everything premiering in early 2020 with our handy TV schedule.

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