Bachelor Spoilers: Who Goes Home In Every Rose Ceremony On Peter's Season

The Bachelor 2020 Peter Weber holds rose in mouth ABC

SPOILERS on The Bachelor 2020, aka Bachelor Peter Weber's Season 24.

The Bachelor 2020 is going to drive us all crazy on its own, especially as we try to sleuth out Peter Weber's mysterious ending. There's no need to wait through endless drama to find out when X, Y, or Z goes home. That's what rose ceremony elimination spoilers are for! In some cases, Bachelor Peter was not the one to send someone home, since a couple of ladies quit on their own.

The Bachelor Season 24 is now a couple of weeks into its run, and it's clear ABC is continuing the modern tradition of breaking up the rose ceremonies. Time was, they used to end every episode. Imagine! Now, we have no idea when a rose ceremony might actually air.

So here are the bare bones rose ceremony elimination spoilers from Reality Steve, without any specific episode dates attached:

Rose Ceremony 1 Eliminations: Maurissa Gunn, Avonlea Elkins, Jade Gilliland, Kylie Ramos, Eunice Cho, Megan Hops, Katrina Badowski, and Jenna Serrano.

Rose Ceremony 2 Eliminations: Lauren Jones, Payton Moran, and Courtney Perry.

Rose Ceremony 3 Eliminations: Alayah Benavidez, Jasmine Nguyen, Sarah Coffin, and Alexa Caves. (But Alayah returns after leaving.)

Rose Ceremony 4 Eliminations: Kiarra Norman, Savannah Mullins, and Deandra Kanu. Per Steve, Alayah Benavidez returns during the group date after-party and Bachelor Peter Weber gives her a rose. However, due to all of the drama (including Victoria F. and Chase Rice) she leaves the show before the next rose ceremony even starts.

Rose Ceremony 5 Eliminations: Shiann Lewis and Lexi Buchanan.

Rose Ceremony 6 Eliminations: Sydney Hightower is eliminated at the rose ceremony in Chile. However, Mykenna Dunn and Tammy Ly have a 2-on-1 date in Chile and are reportedly both sent home. (Update: Actually, only Tammy was sent home on the 2-on-1, and Mykenna left later in the night at the rose ceremony, so that spoiler was slightly off.) Victoria Paul already leaves before the rose ceremony. According to Steve, she and Peter have a talk about being on different pages. Victoria P. was Miss Louisiana and had to crown her successor right after going home, so that may have played a role in her departure. (Update: The show made it seem like Victoria P. leaving was Peter's idea but I'm not 100% sure how legit that edit was.)

Pre-Hometown Eliminations: Kelley Flanagan and Natasha Parker are eliminated. Natasha is sent home during her 1-on-1 date. Madison, Kelsey, and Natasha all have 1-on-1 dates and Madison and Kelsey get roses. Kelley did not get a rose on what sounds like a 3-on-1 date between Bachelor Peter, Kelley, Victoria F., and Hannah Ann. So, yes, Kelley leaves before hometowns. Since she met Peter at a hotel before The Bachelor, it seemed at one point like maybe it was fate for them to be together. Nope! That makes Peter's final four Kelsey, Victoria F., Hannah Ann, and Madison.

Hometown Dates Rose Ceremony Elimination: Kelsey Weier. However, this one is complicated because it sounds like Peter broke up with Victoria F. during the day portion of her hometown date, since so much drama came out about her past. That's when we get the clip from the full season promo with Victoria F. telling the cameras to get out of her face. But Victoria comes back! She goes to Bachelor Peter's hotel room while he's on Hannah Ann's hometown date, apparently, and once again Peter takes someone back. (He never really dumps anyone for long.) Victoria ends up part of the hometown date rose ceremony and continues to overnights.

Overnight Dates Rose Ceremony Elimination: Victoria Fuller. The overnight dates and final rose ceremony are all held in Australia this season. Victoria F. apparently leaves during the overnight dates.

Final 2: Madison Prewett vs. Hannah Ann Sluss. And this is where it gets interesting...

Reality Steve already said Bachelor Peter does not have a "normal ending" to just pick one lady and dump the other. He said Peter does not get engaged in the finale, which is not to say he isn't engaged now. Steve still doesn't have confirmation of what happened, or didn't happen, mid-November 2019 in Australia for the final rose ceremony. But he does think Peter is with either Madison or Hannah Ann right now. (UPDATE: Reality Steve later said Madison left/quit the show sometime after the overnight dates. So that might be why Peter has an abnormal ending with no proposal.)

So, no, Hannah Brown and Victoria F. are reportedly not factors in the finale. They don't come back (again). It's reportedly down to just Madison or Hannah Ann.

But the speculation door is currently still wide open for what Chris Harrison tells Bachelor Peter Weber at the final rose ceremony, what Peter's mom was crying about -- or WHO she was crying to not let her go -- and why The Bachelor 2020 finale will be gut-wrenching with a surprise that we won't see coming for a mile away (according to Peter and Chris Harrison). But Peter is happy now, I guess? We should certainly get interesting "Women Tell All" and "After the Final Rose" specials this year.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC. Then we have that new spinoff, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor in Paradise. After Paradise 2020, The Bachelor Season 25 should start filming from September to November 2020 for a January 2021 premiere. The vicious cycle shall never end.

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