Tommen Actor Talks Time Game Of Thrones Fan Wanted To Punch Him In The Face

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Game of Thrones, like many shows, has a very passionate fan-base. The actor who played Tommen Baratheon on the series has experienced the negative side of that intensity head-on. One fan wanted to punch Dean-Charles Chapman in the face! The scary reaction has understandably seemed to leave quite an impression on Chapman.

Thankfully, the jaw-dropping moment did not turn into a jaw-breaking one. On Late Night with Seth Meyers, Meyers asked Chapman if people give him a nice or hard time when they come up to him. Chapman responded by saying:

A bit of both, to be honest. I think with Tommen a lot of people have mixed emotions about him. Nine times out of 10 people like him, you know, think he’s cute, sweet, innocent. But then I had this one guy who came up to me and was like, ‘I just want to punch you in the face.’ And I was just like, ‘Thanks.’ But yeah, it’s just amazing that fanbase.

That is one way to take it! Does this mean Dean-Charles Chapman opted to accept it is as a compliment? As in, he did such a great job portraying Tommen that this guy responded so viscerally? I am not sure. There are obviously better ways for someone to pay an actor a compliment, and that did not seem to be this guy’s intent.

Based on what Dean-Charles Chapman told Seth Meyers, the majority of people he has experienced like Tommen and have a positive reaction to him. Unfortunately, when it comes to the other side of the equation, it can be brutal. In this case, a guy sharing his desire to assault Chapman for Tommen’s actions. Tommen, who didn't deliberately do anything to really earn enemies on the show!

For reference, twin siblings Cersei and Jaime Lannister had three children on Game of Thrones, and Tommen was the youngest of them. His older brother was the evil Joffrey, and his older sister was Myrcella. Tommen was basically the total opposite of Joffrey. Dean-Charles Chapman played Tommen during Seasons 4 through 6. In that time, he was portrayed as being pretty sweet-natured and sensitive, if somewhat easy to manipulate.

Tommen met a sad end on Game of Thrones. He died after jumping from a window in the Red Keep after his mother blew up the Sept of Baelor, killing his wife Margaery in the process. Tommen was not an evil person. He just made unwise choices.

The good news is that most people like Tommen, according to Dean-Charles Chapman, which makes sense. Tommen tried to do the right thing, and for those cheering on Game of Thrones’ good-natured characters, that is something positive. In the end, Tommen was the last child of Jaime and Cersei’s to die.

Tommen’s evil brother, Joffrey, died in Season 4. Their sister was killed off a season later when she was murdered by Ellaria Sand in Season 5, which Cersei later avenged. Tyrion was the last notable Lannister left standing when Game of Thrones ended.

You can currently stream Game of Thrones in its entirety on HBO Go. The final season is available digitally and on DVD. If you need something to watch while you wait for House of the Dragon, there is always this winter’s premieres.

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