Did Legacies Already Say Goodbye To Kai In Season 2?

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Warning! The following contains spoilers to the Legacies episode "You Can't Save Them All." Read at your own risk.

Kai Parker had a solid plan to get rid of the Saltzman family but, as is often the case with villains in CW shows, things did not go exactly as he planned. Kai was in chains at about the episode's midpoint, and he stayed like that until the episode's end, when Ric showed up and decapitated his longtime enemy. Just like that, Kai was dead again, but does this mean that Legacies Season 2 is done with him?

One can never be too sure, especially in this franchise. Characters can come back from the dead, as Kai himself has done a handful of times since The Vampire Diaries. Even though it was known before his return that this would not be a long run, I wouldn't be so bold as to assume he'll never be back on Legacies. Still, though, is his entire arc just going to be two episodes?

For now, it feels like the plot is hinting at that. Kai's grand plan once he got into Malivore was to team up with The Necromancer, and make his way to the academy. Once there, he enacted a plan via the meddlesome Alyssa, who went to work constructing a spell that would sever his link to the prison world. Once that bond was broken, the world would collapse and kill everyone inside.

It was a confusing plan, because the last episode ended with Kai giving Josie a fighting chance at escaping the prison world. She ended up breaking the clock and releasing all that dark energy into her body, and once she remembered Kai and learned he was at the academy, she went about using that power to send everybody back. Kai might've had the chance to escape and fight another day had The Necromancer sent a minion to free him from his chains. Unfortunately for Kai, Necromancer was no longer interested in helping out Kai after learning that his plan would've prevented Josie and all that dark magic from returning.

It does have me wondering if this is really the last we've seen of Kai. After all, his whole plan to help Josie escape was made before he met The Necromancer. If his true plan was to destroy the prison world all along, wouldn't he have just escaped the prison world without telling Josie about breaking the clock? It didn't make a ton of sense, but maybe the writers just needed a way to protect the Saltzmans and also close out Chris Wood's arc quickly so he could do other things.

Regardless, The Necromancer got what he wanted. Josie escaped the prison world, and while she believed the dark magic was purged from her, the end of Legacies showed that that's clearly not the case. We'll have to see exactly what will become of this new development, though my prediction based on Dark Josie's actions within the prison world is that things are gonna get bad.

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