The Witcher Season 2 Casts Peaky Blinders Alum As One Of Two New Witchers

Geralt of Rivia Season 2

Witcher Season 2 is hitting the ground running, which already means we’ve heard some cool confirmed casting news for the Netflix series’ next round. In fact, we’ve learned the series will be adding at least two more witchers the next time around and one of them will be played by Peaky Blinders actor Paul Bullion.

Whether or not you are a fan of Peaky Blinders, if you’re a Witcher fan, you’re gonna want to know about at least the Paul Bullion casting. That’s because Bullion is set to play a fan-favorite Witcher character, who is from Kaer Morhen and has appeared in the games, helping to train Ciri to fight and more. The dude even has plenty of fanfiction written about him, so his arrival in the Netflix show should be a big deal for fans who were built in before the series even started.

Peaky Blinders actor Paul Bullion joins The Witcher Season 2

He’s not the only person being added to The Witcher Season 2. The other new witcher will be played by Strike Back actor Yasen Atour. That new witcher will be a little different than the Kaer Morhen variety and is from Andrzej Sapkowski’s novel series. Unlike Lambert and The Witcher’s protagonist Geralt, Atour’s Coën comes from the School of the Griffin.

Atour joins The Witcher Season 2 as Coen

The casting news comes from Redanian Intelligence, and while it seems really specific, it hasn’t been confirmed by Netflix yet.

Still, with the addition of these two men, it seems as if The Witcher Season 2 will show more about Ciri and her training, maybe even living and working at Kaer Morhen. Fans of the show only have not seen Kaer Morhen at this point and have only heard it referenced.

We know Ciri’s training should eventually happen, thanks to the various canon Witcher stuff already out there, and actress Freya Allan even posted an Instagram story that included a sword and the caption “diva” a few days ago. She's also mentioned how things will become "brutal" for her character during the upcoming season, so along with these castings, there were hints about where her story was going before. Now, with this news, all of the stars seem to be aligning in regards to this particular plotline.

Unfortunately, fantasy programs take a while to film and even longer to get ready to air. This is why some premium shows will renew well in advance. In the case of The Witcher, Netflix followed that trend, feeling confident enough to renew the show for Season 2 ahead of the release of Season 1. All of that sounds great, but since production wasn’t happening back to back, it will still be a while before we get new episodes of the fan-favorite streaming series, with the show eyeing 2021 for the next round.

Luckily, casting seems to be going well for the show and we’ll keep you updated regarding any other names that get added into the mix. In addition, showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich has also revealed that any fans who were a little confused by Season 1 should really start to get a feel for the show with the upcoming episodes.

Plus, while we wait for The Witcher Season 2 to hit Netflix, you can be sure to catch Paul Billion in other fan-favorite (this time sci-fi project) Dune out later in 2020.

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