Does The Witcher New Season 2 Casting Mean Less Geralt And Ciri Than Expected?

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The Witcher spent the majority of Season 1's eight episodes building to the eventual meeting of Geralt and Ciri, with the promise that the two destined characters would embark on a journey together in Season 2. Between the climactic (and reportedly much-watched) meeting in the Season 1 finale and the novel source material, all signs pointed toward a fair amount of Geralt and Ciri together in Season 2. But does the new Season 2 casting indicate that they'll be separated sooner than expected?

First, the casting. Although rumors have abounded about actors joining The Witcher, Carmel Laniado is confirmed as part of Season 2. The British teen signed on for at least three episodes to play a character named Violet, who Deadline reports is a girl with a "playful and whimsical" demeanor that conceals a more sadistic and intelligent side. Violet sounds like a character who looks innocent enough, but is not to be crossed!

Carmel Laniado is currently known for FX's A Christmas Carol and Robert Downey Jr.'s latest big screen venture Dolittle (seen below):

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So, what about Carmel Laniado's Violet suggests that Geralt and Ciri might not spend as much time together in The Witcher Season 2 as expected? To answer that question, we have to turn Andrzej Sapkowski's novels and dive into some informed speculation. While Season 1 of the series was based on Sapkowski's books of short stories, Season 2 will dive into the first book of the Witcher novel saga, called Blood of Elves.

Minor spoilers for Blood of Elves below.

In Blood of Elves, Geralt and Ciri do spend some time together, both traveling and at the witcher stronghold Kaer Morhen. Since a group of monster-hunters aren't really the ideal caretakers of a young girl, Geralt eventually sends Ciri to a temple for schooling, where she lives and learns among girls her own age.

Having read Blood of Elves ahead of The Witcher Season 1, I would say that the Temple of Melitele is the most likely place for Ciri to encounter the teenage Violet with the secret sadistic side, especially since Carmel Laniado is slated for at least three episodes.

Given that The Witcher Season 2 is likely to run for eight episodes, as Season 1 did, does that mean Ciri is sent away from Geralt as early as Episode 5? Blood of Elves spends considerable time with Geralt and Ciri before they're separated and develops a bond that lasts throughout the saga.

If Ciri takes her place at the Temple of Melitele well before the end of Season 2, that could mean the eight episodes spent building to Ciri and Geralt meeting don't lead to a whole lot of screen time. Would five episodes be enough? Will Ciri spend nearly as much time close to Carmel Laniado's Violet as Henry Cavill's Geralt? End Blood of Elves spoilers.

Only time will tell how much screen time Henry Cavill and Freya Allan will share as Geralt and Ciri. The Witcher Season 2 won't premiere until 2021, and Netflix hasn't confirmed whether or not the movie set in the Witcher universe will premiere before or after Season 2.

For now, viewers can content themselves with rewatching the eight episodes of The Witcher Season 1, selecting some of the other viewing options coming to the streaming giant this year, and/or checking out Andrzej Sapkowski's Witcher saga.

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