Bachelor Spoilers: Did Madison's Father Accidentally Spoil Peter's Ending?

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Warning: Spoilers for the final episodes of Peter Weber’s season (Season 24) of The Bachelor are discussed below.

If you are sitting at the edge of your seat awaiting Peter Weber’s final stretch on The Bachelor, you may want to move back to the center. Season 24 may be divisive in some ways, but the anticipation to see who Pilot Pete gives the final rose to is hitting seismic levels. To that end, fans possibly picked up on a massive spoiler about who Peter chooses thanks to none other than Madison Prewitt’s father.

Madison and Hannah Ann are said to be Peter’s final two hopefuls. Now, there seems to be some potential evidence that Madison will end up winning Peter’s heart, despite her reportedly quitting The Bachelor during the finale. (Just like how all great relationships start.) Fans noticed that Madison’s father, who does not follow Peter on social media, followed the Seed to Mountain Ministries page on Instagram, per Cosmopolitan, and Seed to Mountain Ministries returned the love by following Madison’s father.

All the speculation in this situation stems from the fact that Peter Weber is a partner in Seed to Mountain Ministries. So is this a nod to Peter ending up with Madison, as Tiffany Haddish predicted? Maybe. But then again, maybe not.

The true ending of Bachelor Peter’s season actually has not been spoiled yet, though it doesn't appear that a full-on engagement will go down. In his latest post, Reality Steve theorized that Peter was trying to win over Madison post-finale, which would obviously mean after The Bachelor has wrapped its official run, in an attempt to work things out. He also acknowledged that it wouldn't be so surprising if Peter is revealed to currently be single.

How have things been going for Madison and Peter on The Bachelor lately? Not great. The duo recently hit a rocky road after Bachelor Peter confessed to being intimate with other contestants. Understandably, Madison was not happy about it.

That said, it's reported Madison will reluctantly accept a rose from Peter during The Bachelor’s “Women Tell All” special. As mentioned above, it had been revealed quite some time ago that Madison and Hannah Ann Sluss would be Peter’s final two.

Those spoilers obviously put Madison in the running to ultimately be the one that Peter ends up with when The Bachelor concludes. CinemaBlend’s Gina Carbone has seven theories as to how Bachelor Peter’s mysterious finale could end, so be sure to check those out. Fans of the series are closer than ever to finding out if one of those theories proves to be the ticket.

Bachelor Nation is well-aware that Peter’s ending will reportedly not end in a "normal" way. Keep in mind the surprising news that Madison somehow quits The Bachelor at some point during the finale. Sounds like a recipe for significant drama when The Bachelor finale goes down.

Find out if Madison wins Peter's heart completely when new episodes of The Bachelor air on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. It is one of the shows airing new this winter. You can go back to the beginning with Season 1 of The Bachelor, which is currently on Netflix, along with lots of other 2020 content.

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