Bachelor Fans Are Roasting Madison For Freaking Out Over Peter Having Sex

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Spoilers ahead for the February 24 episode of The Bachelor on ABC.

The climactic fantasy suites week finally arrived on Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor, which meant some big decisions for Peter and his three remaining ladies. Hannah Ann Sluss and Victoria Fuller seemed down to experience their own version of Hannah Brown's windmill with Peter, but viewers have known for a while that Madison Prewett is saving herself for marriage and has certain expectations for Peter not sleeping with other women on The Bachelor.

A clash has been coming between Madison Prewett and Peter "Four Times In A Windmill" Weber on the sex issue, and Madison's freakout is being roasted by fans. Since this is The Bachelor we're talking about and The Bachelor goes for max drama whenever possible this season, of course Madison's fantasy suite date with Peter came after Peter hit the sheets with Hannah Ann and/or Victoria.

Despite Madison forewarning him that she'd have issues with him sleeping with other women, he was still taken aback when she dropped the bombshell that she's saving herself for marriage and has expectations for him. Madison proceeded to more or less melt down when Peter confessed that he'd been intimate with somebody and wouldn't commit to living the way she wanted him to.

To me, Peter was as composed as he could have been despite what had to be a surprise, since Peter was already famous for his four times in a windmill with Hannah Brown. Madison knew that Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants do have sex with the lead sometimes, and Peter and Hannah obviously hooked up during her season on The Bachelorette.

Madison also dropped this bombshell on Peter only after he could decide whether or not to sleep with women, so he didn't know he was potentially ending his relationship with Madison by sleeping with Hannah Ann and/or Victoria. I'm not sure that he would have kept from sleeping with them just for Madison, but at least it would have been an informed decision either way.

Peter and Madison seem to be at a stalemate, and I don't think there's anything wrong at all with Madison realizing that she needs to leave Peter if that's what it takes to be true to herself. A lot of people seem to agree that Madison is fine and even admirable for sticking to her guns, even when she's falling in love with Peter. Even if we don't know how it ends just yet, she was clearly devastated at the prospect of holding onto her convictions and leaving him.

That said, a lot of people also seem to agree that Madison coming on The Bachelor to freak out about sex is roast-worthy.

Sorry, Madison, but this person has a point. Peter was so well known for the windmill sex with Hannah Brown that some of the women trying to win his heart at the beginning of his season brought it up.

Did Madison really understand how she'd be feeling if she made it all the way to the fantasy suite stage of The Bachelor? Maybe not.

Honestly, I do feel bad for Madison at this point, even if I see why so many people are roasting her. She really did seem to get in over her head, and Charles Barkley didn't share his advice about Peter until the season started airing.

Of course, Madison wasn't the only one on the date having a meltdown. Peter wasn't handling it well either.

I do look forward to Peter hopefully experiencing a revelation about Victoria and realizing that maybe having to fight for something doesn't mean an obligation to fight for it! I don't know that I'd call her a "crazy girl," but she has made his season of The Bachelor pretty complicated.

For another person on social media, Madison expecting Peter to share her faith was not her smartest move:

In Madison's defense, Peter's interests did seem to more or less align with hers up until sex came up, so I can see how she could have convinced herself of a different outcome to Peter's fantasy suites with Hannah Ann and Victoria.

Another person on Twitter may have summed up the situation best for Madison's conundrum on The Bachelor:

Will Madison leave The Bachelor early, forcing Peter to choose Hannah Ann or Victoria by default? Or is Hannah Brown still waiting in the wings to claim Peter's heart? Or will Madison find a way to accept Peter as he is and stay with him anyway? He does intend to find a wife, and she's saving herself for marriage, so it's not out of the realm of possibility. They do clearly care about each other.

Find out when The Bachelor airs its final two installments with Peter Weber as leading man on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. The women will be telling all next, so Peter's big decision is still a couple weeks off. Still, it's always worth watching the tell-all episodes, for the drama alone!

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