Bachelor Spoilers: Here's What Happens In Peter's 'Women Tell All' Episode

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SPOILERS ahead from The Bachelor 2020, aka Bachelor Peter Weber's Season 24.

It's here! The Bachelor 2020 episode no one I know was waiting for -- "The Women Tell All." The WTA episode is always a dramatic mess with lots of tears and fighting. But this year that's indistinguishable from the rest of Bachelor Peter Weber's season. So I can't say I'm looking forward to more on March 2, 2020. However! This year, spoilers show the "Women Tell All" episode will pick up from the overnight dates cliffhanger with Madison Prewett.

We'll get to see Bachelor Peter's overnight dates rose ceremony, see what happened to Madison, and THEN get the Bachelor WTA drama, which should end with bloopers and a finale preview showing Madison, Hannah Ann Sluss, and Bachelor Peter's abnormal ending.

Let's start at the beginning...

The Bachelor Hannah Ann crying ABC

Overnight Dates Rose Ceremony

We're going to be left wondering if Madison will show up to the overnight dates rose ceremony in Australia or not. Did she quit after The Bachelor overnight dates sex talk/clash with Bachelor Peter? Well, no, although it sounds like she does leave later. According to Reality Steve, that promo shot of Hannah Ann crying, saying she's at a loss for words and doesn't know what to do, comes at this point when she and Victoria Fuller are standing there and she doesn't know what's going on because Madison hasn't shown up yet.

Ultimately, Madison does show up and when Peter calls her name, she seems to be reluctant but does accept the rose. That means Victoria F. leaves, and since they air that during the "Women Tell All," Victoria F. can be on the show without that being an on-air spoiler.

Who Is At The Women Tell All?

It's most interesting to me who is NOT there. But, according to Reality Steve's spoilers, the pre-taped WTA included these 17 women from Bachelor Peter Weber's season:

Katrina BadowskiMaurissa GunnAlexa CavesKylie RamosSarah CoffinKiarra NormanDeandra KanuSavannah MullinsAlayah BenavidezLexi BuchananTammy LyMykenna DornSydney HightowerVictoria PaulShiann LewisKelsey WeierVictoria Fuller

If you don't remember some of those names, neither do I. They left early. But they could certainly show up again on Bachelor in Paradise, especially if they get a big showcase here. What's really frustrating is women we don't even remember got to be at the WTA but Kelley Flanagan and Natasha Parker did not. However, Natasha made it clear that -- unlike Kelley -- she was invited, she just couldn't make it.

Apparently Kelley was not even invited, which is just frustrating and seems like the producers trying to keep our attention on certain women and not be distracted by better options for the next Bachelorette. But I've already vented about that.

Victoria F. In The Hot Seat

"The hot seat" is the seat next to The Bachelor/ette host Chris Harrison at the "Women Tell All" or the "Men Tell All." This year, it sounds like only Victoria F. and Kelsey are called up to the hot seat. While on stage, Victoria F. apologized to Bachelor Peter for how she acted, but also said the allegations that she broke up marriages was false. She already apologized off-screen for her involvement in a WLM (We Love Marlins) modeling campaign.

Kelsey In The Hot Seat

The hot seat can be uncomfortable, but it can also be a potential showcase for the next Bachelor or Bachelorette. That may be the case with Kelsey, aka the ChampagneGate meme queen. She got to talk to Chris Harrison about her journey and being so emotional -- and she even got a giant champagne bottle from none other than Ashley Iaconetti, who praised her for being open with her emotions. Remember, being "vulnerable" gets you a gold star, a cookie, and often a ticket to another TV show in Bachelor Nation. I'm sure they loved that about Kelsey. Is Kelsey anyone's first, second, third, or even fourth choice for The Bachelorette 2020? Eh.

Tammy Interrupts The World

It's not a "Women Tell All" special without women fighting, and it sounds like Tammy gets into it on a few fronts. Tammy and Sydney seem to go at it, and Lexi tried to talk to Tammy -- with Shiann between them -- and Reality Steve said it got intense. Chris Harrison even spoke out to ask Tammy not to talk over people. So I'm thinking all of those women will end up on Bachelor in Paradise, since that's the other audition happening on the WTA. If you know you're out of contention for The Bachelorette, there's always Paradise.

Everyone Hates Victoria P.?

I was hoping to be done with The Alayah Drama completely, but they had to address it again -- specifically the pre-season pageant friendship Alayah thought she had with Victoria P. Alayah brings up that she thought they were friends, since Victoria P. was supportive off screen. It sounds like the bachelorettes, including Savannah, come after Victoria P. There go Victoria P.'s (already slim) chances for The Bachelorette 2020 too.

Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay Talks Bullying

During the WTA, Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay comes out for a segment on bulling, sharing nasty and racist messages received by some women this season. I get it, it's absolutely crossing a line to troll -- especially with anything racist. People should know better. I do think fans take the lead off the show, though, and there's no denying this was an especially nasty season. They can try to shame fans if they want, but every week the women came at each other, and Bachelor Peter seemed to enable and even reward bad behavior. Plus, Bachelorette Rachel herself compared Hannah Ann Sluss to The Bachelorette's Luke P. off-screen, so there's been a lot of negativity. That doesn't excuse name-calling, especially anything racist and personal, but don't be hypocrites about "bullying," whatever your definition may be. If people are going to dish it out, they need to be able to take it. But if the larger point is "Don't dish it out!" then yes, but The Bachelor/ette should lead by example.

The Bachelor 2020 Finale Promo

It sounds like The Bachelor finale promo will show both Hannah Ann and Madison meeting -- or re-meeting, in Madison's case -- Bachelor Peter's parents. Reality Steve already said Madison "self-eliminates" in the final week, but he wasn't initially sure when she left. At the very least, it must happen after Madison talks to Peter's parents. Maybe it even happens just before the final rose ceremony, since the very start of The Bachelor Season 24 showed Peter standing there with an engagement ring in his hand.

Reality Steve said he planned to share his theory on how the season ends tomorrow (Tuessday, Feb. 25) but he already said he thought Bachelor Peter and Madison were together right now but not engaged. Madison was seen filming something recently with The Bachelor crew, and Steve said it was not for The Bachelorette. It's very possibly for the "After the Final Rose" episode, which should otherwise be live and give fans real-time updates on Bachelor Peter and whoever he is with now -- Madison or Hannah Ann (who is moving near Peter right after the finale). Hannah Brown is reportedly out of the running, along with Victoria F. and anyone else.

The Bachelor: The Women Tell All airs Monday, March 2 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. The two-night finale and live "After the Final" rose special air Monday, March 9 and Tuesday, March 10. That's when ABC should also reveal the next Bachelorette, who will probably begin filming right away, since The Bachelorette has a quicker turnaround than The Bachelor when it comes to filming right after the previous show.

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