The Bachelor’s Peter Weber Has A Message For People Calling Him Indecisive

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I guess being The Bachelor isn't all roses and champagne, after all. Season 24's lead, Peter Weber, has had a rough go of it pretty much all season long. There were multiple battles between the women vying for his heart (which Peter had to try to sort out), one woman who's managed to repeatedly infuriate Bachelor Nation with her treatment of our Bachelor (whom Peter refuses to dump), and in the midst of everything, a lot of baffling decisions by the man himself. A lot of people are calling Peter Weber the worst Bachelor ever, or, certainly, the most indecisive one, but he's got some thoughts on that for you.

While Peter has spent the season looking for love, he's also managed to, well, do the opposite of endearing himself to fans. Peter has gone back and forth on a lot of choices and things that seemed definite for him, but he doesn't think any of it makes him indecisive at all. In fact, Peter believes that his troubled decision-making processes just show how human he is. Here's what he told The Hollywood Reporter recently when asked about the criticisms:

To anyone who has those comments, I would love for you guys to go and try to date so many different people at once and so many different personalities. That’s part of this. And I think it’d be almost weirder and more unusual to just be like a robot and be able to go through this and say, ‘Oh, I know I want exactly this, this, this, at this moment.’ That’s not real life. I’m a human being, just like anyone else. So the indecisiveness comments are a little confusing to me because I don’t agree. I think that’s just being a human being and trying to figure it out as you go.

OK, Peter Weber. If you say so. Listen, we all understand that this...journey is a difficult one that no one is really prepared for, even if you have been on the other side of it, as Peter was when he was vying for Hannah Brown's heart on her season of The Bachelorette last year. Peter started Season 24 with a whopping 30 women to choose from, and while I certainly agree that dating that many people at once would make things way more confusing than any standard romantic situation, he's still made things way more difficult on himself than necessary.

Peter Weber has spoken before about how he hasn't loved all the hate from fans about his time as The Bachelor, but he's made a lot of decisions which have riled up the good people of Bachelor Nation. Much earlier in the season, when two women were bad-mouthing each other to Peter and he couldn't decide who to believe, he turned what was supposed to be a relaxing, fun pool party into an investigation. He spoke to many of the women who weren't involved in the conflict to get their thoughts, and try to make up his mind.

This led to Peter dumping Alayah (decision finally made) and sending her home. But, a few days later Alayah showed up to plead her case, and not only did Peter accept her back (decision unmade), but he also gave her a rose. When the other ladies, who'd done hard work on that day's group date to impress Peter by playing a sorta rough game of contact football, got mad at Peter for giving that date's rose to someone who wasn't even there, Peter sent Alayah home again (decision unmade remade).

This is just one example of Peter's decision-making skills in this, admittedly odd and intense, Bachelor environment, but his season has been filled with stories (big and small) like this one. I suppose it's true that he hasn't been "like a robot," because anything one could program to make decisions would have been fried by now from all of Peter's back and forth. One thing fans want in a lead is someone who can step up and stick to their guns, and Peter's had a hard time doing that.

Peter's down to his final women now, and he said on Monday's episode that he's completely in love with all three of them (even the one who's been treating him like a dumpster all season long), so he's got at least one more decision to make, and it's a big one. Apparently, though, this won't go smoothly, either, because no one has been able to spoil the ending of Peter's turbulent season.

We'll all just have to watch as The Bachelor wraps up, Mondays at 8 p.m. EST on ABC, to see how Peter's last major decision turns out. In the meantime, you can check out our 2020 premiere guide to see what else is on TV right now.

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