The Bachelor's Peter Weber Talks Contestant Cattiness, Calls Confrontations 'A Little Too Much'

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If you've been following along with this season of The Bachelor, you'll know that Peter Weber and the group of ladies he's trying to choose from have not had things easy. There have been near constant arguments, accusations and confrontations between the women, and Peter has had a very difficult time deciding whom to trust and whom to eliminate. So much so that, especially if you check out Twitter reactions as each episode airs, you'll see people calling him weak and indecisive, and trashing the entire group of women. It begs the question: does Peter think this is the cattiest selection of ladies to ever grace the show?

Now that the season has been done filming for a bit and Peter Weber has the benefit of watching things in the mansion unfold like the rest of us, he's getting to see how the many tensions began, and it seems to have given him some new perspective. When he was asked recently if he now believes that he had the cattiest group of women to choose from so far, here's what he had to say:

Yeah, I would probably agree at this point. There's so much I didn't know was going on, obviously, when I wasn't there. When they were just in the house by themselves. When I'd cancel cocktail parties and they'd have that, that last confrontation with Tammy and Sydney. Honestly, that's a little too much, and I didn't like to see that. I really didn't.

Well, there you have it. I don't know how many seasons of The Bachelor Peter Weber has actually watched, but, he still seems pretty convinced that the wide opinion of Bachelor Nation is correct in saying that the ladies chosen to appear on his season are...not the best. While he was certainly aware of tensions (How can you not be, when someone is constantly tattling on someone else to you?), he was never afforded the full picture. He's starting to get that now, though, and agrees that this group of women leaves a lot to be desired. And, when you consider all the women in the previous 23 seasons of The Bachelor, that's saying a lot.

The confrontation between Tammy and Sydney that Peter spoke of...actually sprung from a confrontation between Kelsey and all the women after they found out she went to talk to him before a cocktail party and ended up getting a rose from him without him waiting for that night's rose ceremony. On top of that, Peter's talk with Kelsey somehow led to him making his mind up about some other things, so he cancelled yet another cocktail party, meaning he wouldn't be spending any additional individual time with anyone before sending more women home, so everyone was on edge.

Decisions like that one (giving Kelsey a pre-party, pre-ceremony rose) have led to Peter being called a terrible, mistake-filled, decision-maker who consistently rewards those causing the most drama among the women. When asked, in his interview with Entertainment Tonight, if there are some things he would do differently if he could go back, here's what he said:

I mean...Yeah, looking back on it now. But, hindsight's 20/20. In that moment, I only had the information that I know [sic]; that's the only stuff I had to go off of. I'm not trying to make poor decisions; I'm really not.

I'll admit, I've been right there with a lot of Bachelor Nation in slamming many of Peter's choices as Bachelor. As you watch, there's an understanding that it must be a difficult and confusing position to be in sometimes, but it's still pretty easy to pass judgement even when you know you have information that the lead doesn't. So, it's good to know that Peter can now see how many of his decisions looked to us at home, and to realize that he really would do some things differently if he could.

And, honestly, it sounds like, while Peter still says he would go through the whole experience again and did come out happy at the end, he is a bit bummed about how some of his time on The Bachelor went down. He was asked if he was a little down about it, and answered:

It's tough, watching it. I'm not gonna lie; it is.

Alright, fine! Now I feel kinda bad for the guy. Feel free to watch the entire interview, below, and see if your feelings about Peter Weber change any.

We can all continue to watch Peter Weber's journey on The Bachelor unfold when it airs on ABC, Mondays at 8 p.m. EST. For more on what you can see on the small screen right now, check out our 2020 winter / spring premiere guide!

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