The Bachelor: How Many Awkward Dates Before Peter Weber Ditches Victoria Fuller?

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Spoilers ahead for the February 5 episode of The Bachelor on ABC.

Peter Weber cut a whole lot of ladies from The Bachelor in the five-hour Bachelor bonanza this week, but Victoria Fuller remains in the running for his heart despite a very awkward turn in their second one-on-one date. Although Chase Rice didn't pop up in Chile to uncomfortably serenade them again (and probably won't go near The Bachelor again), the romantic outing turned uncomfortable for some alarming reasons. How many of these awkward dates before Peter ditches Victoria?

Peter and Victoria F. went on a one-on-one date to learn about training horses, much to the dismay of all the women who hadn't gotten a first one-on-one date, let alone a second! The date seemed to be going well at first before Victoria started having doubts and "going back and forth." She made it clear that she was trying to lower her walls and let him in, and Peter said yet again that he's looking for honesty. He'd had no idea she was having doubts, and it scared him.

Later, when Victoria F. (who won't appear on the Cosmopolitan cover after all) seemed determined to "sabotage" their relationship (according to Peter), she walked off and had a tearful conversation with a producer that basically amounted to her not being sure she's ready for marriage or even wants to remain in the Bachelor game, all while Peter waited for.

For some reason, Victoria's uncertainty seemingly made Peter all the more determined to get through to her because her cares about her "so much." Still, he wasn't getting the validation he was looking for from her, and things were still awkward even after he gave her a rose.

The Tammy/Mykenna drama took up most of the rest of the episode, but Victoria F. had one more moment with Peter before the rose ceremony that sent home Tammy, Mykenna, and Sydney. Victoria told Peter she didn't want to push him away and was sorry that she did, which was just what Peter wanted to hear. Victoria Fuller is poised to remain a favorite for Peter heading into the next week!

So, the awkwardness and Victoria F. clearly showing her uncertainty that she's even all-in on the endgame of The Bachelor weren't enough for Peter to cut her and keep one of the women who were more than happy to validate Peter ahead of the rose ceremony. If this wasn't enough for her to be sent home, what will be?

Well, the trailer for the next episode indicates the Victoria F. awkwardness isn't over. Peter and the women are headed to Lima, Peru, and Peter and Victoria F. will agree that they love what they have, although that won't stop him from making out with Kelsey Weier and Madison Prewett. Another clip shows Victoria F. crying as Peter tells her she has given him reasons to "doubt." Of course, Victoria F. won't be the only one in tears, as the trailer ends with Hannah Ann (who freaked Peter out with her confidence this week) wracked with sobs.

See what happens next for Peter, Victoria F., and the rest when The Bachelor returns to its normal Monday night time slot on February 10 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC in the winter and spring premiere lineup.

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