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Wait, Why Did The Bachelor Leave Kelley And Natasha Out Of The Women Tell All?

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Spoilers ahead for the Women Tell All episode of Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor.

The Women Tell All episode of Peter Weber's complicated season of The Bachelor brought back most of Peter's would-be wives, including the freshly-eliminated Victoria Fuller to explain why she was accused of breaking up marriages, Tammy Ly and Mykenna Dorn for Round 2, and Kelsey Weier to relive #ChampagneGate. Missing from the episode, however, were Kelley Flanagan and Natasha Parker. Both women made it pretty far in this season and Kelley was once a favorite, so why were they MIA? Here's what we know.

the bachelor kelley flanagan abc

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Kelley Flanagan

The 27-year-old attorney debuted with an advantage on the other ladies in Peter's season of The Bachelor thanks to their meeting before filming began. They formed a connection that went beyond their early serendipitous meeting, and I for one thought she would make it to hometowns at least. That wasn't what happened, and her elimination in Week 7 proved to be the last time viewers would see her.

Although Kelley appeared in the bloopers in the Women Tell All episode, fans have to go a little farther to find out why she wasn't present.

Bachelor spoiler guru Reality Steve revealed that Kelley told people she wasn't invited to Women Tell All, and although he didn't have a definitive answer for why, he explained that for somebody to finish fifth as a popular contestant and yet not be invited to the reunion episode, somebody behind the scenes "didn't like her."

That Kelley wouldn't be part of Women Tell All pretty much eliminated her as a candidate for the next Bachelorette, which was confirmed with the recent announcement of who will be distributing roses when The Bachelorette returns later this year.

Kelley also retweeted a couple of posts that suggested that there was some Bachelor editing to misrepresent her, which is not the first time a former Bachelor franchise contestant indicated that editing made them look worse. Something ugly have may gone down, but fans may never know the details short of Kelley spilling the details.

It looks like Kelley wasn't around on Women Tell All because she wasn't invited. So, what about Natasha Parker?

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Natasha Parker

Natasha managed to stick around pretty far into Peter's season of The Bachelor without getting a one-on-one date. While she did finally score a one-on-one, Natasha wound up getting sent home the same week as Kelley. Since she took so long to get the one-on-one, she was considered less of a favorite to win Peter's heart than Kelley, but she managed to stay out of most of the drama that consumed some of the other ladies. So why was she left out of Women Tell All?

Well, Natasha herself cut off any speculation that she was in the same boat as Kelley and had been snubbed, sharing this on Twitter:

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Apparently the only thing keeping Natasha from joining the pack on Women Tell All (and possibly joining the pack in laughing all over again at the champagne crisis drama that dominated way too much of the season) was scheduling! Whatever Kelley may have done to not be invited on the Bachelor reunion, Natasha evidently didn't do the same thing. Natasha did tweet about the Women Tell All installment, though!

Will Peter come to regret that Kelley and Natasha were eliminated weeks ago now that he's facing what looks like it could be an unhappily-ever-after with the finale? Probably not, considering his investment in Madison Prewett and Hannah Ann Sluss, but since nobody really knows what's in store for Peter's finale (including Chris Harrison and Peter), anything can happen! Maybe Kelley and/or Natasha can come back for Bachelor in Paradise.

The two-part Bachelor finale kicks off on Monday, March 9 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC, then concludes on Tuesday, March 10 at 8 p.m. ET. A spinoff is coming afterward, but before new seasons of The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise.

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