Bachelor Spoilers: Peter's Finale Changes 'Until The Very Last Second'

The Bachelor 2020 Peter Weber looks pained Australia final week ABC

SPOILERS ahead from The Bachelor 2020, aka Bachelor Peter Weber's Season 24.

If you're one of those people who records The Bachelor before watching on ABC, be sure to add some extra time on Monday, March 9 and Tuesday, March 10 for Bachelor Peter Weber's two-night finale. I just don't want you to miss anything. 'Cause now that we're down to the end of The Bachelor 2020, it's FINALLY getting good, and things are going to change rapidly across those final four hours of TV.

(UPDATE: Here's everything we know about Bachelor Peter's two-night finale, including Reality Steve's updated spoilers on the ending.)

First, we have Bachelor Peter Weber's "Women Tell All" episode this Monday -- here's everything that happens then -- including the result of that Does Madison Quit cliffhanger.

Then we have the two-night finale. Monday's March 9, 2020 episode should show everything that was pre-taped back in mid-November 2019 for Bachelor Peter's finale. That's when spoiler guru Reality Steve told fans 1) Peter's final two are Madison Prewett and Hannah Ann Sluss, and) Peter did not have a "normal ending" to dump one woman and pick the other/get engaged on the final rose ceremony day.

Bachelor Peter Weber initially said -- almost bragged -- that no one would be able to spoil his ending. He said there was a reason for that, leading many to believe he wasn't quite finished yet, that his job as the Bachelor was continuing after filming. An ABC exec seemed to fuel that fire, saying the roller coaster still wasn't over and wouldn't be over until after the "After the Final Rose" episode on Tuesday, March 10.

On that note, THR recently talked to Bachelor Peter Weber about the finale. He'd been teasing that it was wild and unpredictable, so is the ending still up in the air at this point? Here's his answer:

I don’t know about that. It’s definitely a wild ending. I will say this: It was the craziest last week of my life. Things until the very last second change.

Before getting too deep into that, here's what he said right after that. THR noted that, if he ended up single at the end of the finale, it would be the second season in a row without a final rose ceremony -- after Cassie quit Bachelor Colton's season and he ended The Bachelor 2019 by leaving and tracking her down. Bachelor Peter was asked if he thinks the format of the show still works or it it needs some tweaking; here's his response:

No, I think this works too well. And I said that multiple times because of how I was feeling for multiple people at the end. I’ve always been a believer that this worked and I wouldn’t have taken this opportunity if I didn’t. And this time around just proved to me more that, like I said, it almost works too well.

Too well. I feel like there's a hint there. One thing that's interesting about The Bachelor 2020 is that Peter was right (for once) in that the ending has NOT been spoiled. Reality Steve still has only said he thinks Peter is currently dating but not engaged to Madison. But he also said he heard some other wild things about the ending and, if true, he'd just throw his hands up.

So there are definitely some potential surprises out there -- like maybe Bachelor Peter is now with Hannah Ann (who just revealed she's moving close to where Peter lives after The Bachelor finale), or maybe there IS another mystery to be solved.

There are some things we have already been told, whether true or not:

• Madison quits sometime in the final week, maybe even on final rose ceremony day itself. It's after she meets with Bachelor Peter's parents again, after first meeting them back on her first one-on-one date earlier in The Bachelor Season 24.

Chris Harrison's update to Bachelor Peter in the final week is reportedly not about Madison quitting, but Reality Steve didn't know what it was referring to.

• Chris Harrison said he and Peter had several heart-to-heart talks in the final week. Chris also recently said so much happens in that final week, it's like the season is only just starting now. He said there's a lot more that's about to happen on so many levels.

• No one has confirmation on who Bachelor Peter's mom is talking about with her "bring her home to us" speech, but there's speculation that it's Madison, after she quits.

• That new scene in The Bachelor promo (watch below) where Peter visits someone to say he's so sorry -- from the bottom of his heart, he's so sorry, he never envisioned this -- that does not happen in Australia, where the overnight dates and final rose ceremony were held. That meeting was taped in Los Angeles. So it was sometime after filming.

• Madison was recently spotted filming something with The Bachelor team, and it was reportedly not for The Bachelorette 2020. So it's expected to be another pre-taped piece we'll see on the "After the Final Rose" episode. If we never see it, then I'd like to know what that was about.

Jimmy Kimmel "predicted" Bachelor Peter picked Hannah Ann. Kimmel "predicts" the winner every year and it usually matches spoilers, although last year he was the first one to "predict" Bachelorette Hannah B. picked Jed when Reality Steve's spoilers were still incorrectly pointing to Hannah picking Tyler. Meanwhile, Kimmel's guest alongside Peter, Tiffany Haddish, read Peter's expression and thought he picked Madison.

Since no spoilers have been confirmed on how Peter Weber's ending plays out, fans have been speculating that he's with one of the show's producers, that he got one of the women pregnant, etc. There was a lot of chatter about Bachelorette Hannah Brown returning for Peter's finale, but she dropped the ax on that to say she's single. (She was reportedly ABC's top choice to be the Bachelorette again, but now I'm hoping Monday's big GMA announcement is for Clare Crawley.)

What if Madison quits and Peter ends The Bachelor alone, then reconnects off the show with Madison or Hannah Ann? And what if he then dumps one for the other, or someone else, and that's the glimpse we're seeing in that Los Angeles apology scene? Maybe he tried to make it work with Hannah Ann off the show, then if Madison thawed to him he dumped Hannah Ann for Madi? I just made that up, so don't go anywhere with it, but I'm looking for things that would change back and forth on the show and in real-time for the two-night finale.

Whatever happens on Monday, March 9, don't get too attached to however the episode ends around 10 p.m. ET, because Bachelor Peter, Madison, and Hannah Ann could pull a 180 on us the very next night when it all continues Tuesday, March 10 from 8-10:01 p.m. ET. That's what I'm bracing for. At this point, aliens better fall from the sky and interrupt Peter's final rose ceremony or everyone involved with The Bachelor has hyped this ending way too much!

Plus, since ABC is revealing the 2020 Bachelorette this coming Monday, March 2 on Good Morning America, they don't have to do so on the March 10 "After the Final Rose" special. That confirms the next Bachelorette won't be Madison or Hannah Ann. (It's reportedly the woman I hoped it would be, thanks to moments like this.) I'm guessing ABC will use some "After the Final Rose" time to promote that new Listen To Your Heart spinoff, and maybe have the new Bachelorette on the hot seat for a minute, but we will all be talking about how The Bachelor 2020 ends.

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