Is Stranger Things Season 4 Leaving Hawkins Behind?

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Hawkins, Indiana has been the home of Stranger Things ever since the beginning. Could Season 4 see the show leave it behind? There are a lot of questions in the air as fans anticipate the coming season. Considering a recent development at Netflix, there is reason to wonder if Hawkins is in the rearview mirror.

Deadline reports that filming for Season 4 will be moving from its original location in Atlanta. Where is it moving to? A “significant portion” of Stranger Things’ next season will be filmed in New Mexico. Netflix stayed quiet on what exactly would be shot there. Fans can undoubtedly speculate about what it could mean.

Stranger Things left off with the Byers and Eleven departing Hawkins. So, the idea that Season 4 could take place far away from its Indiana home base is not a strange idea. After all, the Byers and Eleven’s move is not the only thing drawing Stranger Things away from Hawkins.

While it seemed like Hopper had been killed off, he is actually alive. But he is not in Hawkins anymore. In fact, he is far, far, away from the Indiana town. Thanks to a Season 4 video, Stranger Things indicated that Hopper is living in the brutal cold of Russia.

Filming in a different location does not necessarily mean that the Netflix series will change on-screen locations. The power of production magic can make Hawkins exist again. After three seasons in Hawkins, though, it could theoretically be time for Stranger Things to make a change.

As someone who has watched many shows where characters move away, it seems that something always draws them back in the end. So, if the Byers and Eleven are away from Hawkins when Season 4 begins, I could theoretically see Stranger Things bringing them back before the season ends. And there are still plenty of characters based in Hawkins.

Whether or not Hawkins remains the central hub of the action, there are some definitive changes that fans can expect for Season 4. Netflix has promised to reduce the number of smoking scenes, which means Hopper should be breathing better. He will need all of his lung capacity to deal with his upcoming journey on Stranger Things.

However he managed to survive the events of last season, Hopper will probably be dreaming of coming home to Hawkins. Would he be upset to get back and find that Eleven and the Byers are no longer there, or happy to know they got out? It would put off the much-anticipated reunion between Hopper and Eleven.

There will be more Erica Sinclair and Murray Bauman in Season 4, following their promotions to series regular status. Does that bode well for Hawkins’ on-screen prominence in Stranger Things’ next outing? Stay tuned! It is going to be an exciting installment, and you can look no further than Noah Schnapp’s glowing review of what he has read so far for proof of that.

You can watch previous seasons of Stranger Things on Netflix, along with lots of 2020 content. Netflix has not revealed a release date for Season 4 yet, so keep staying tuned! There are plenty of winter and spring premieres to keep you entertained while you await Season 4's arrival.

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