Stranger Things Star Speaks Up About Hating His Character's Haircut

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Just because you are one of the stars of a mega-hit TV show does not mean it is always fun and games. A particular Stranger Things star is speaking up about how much he hates his character’s haircut. To play Will Byers, Noah Schnapp sports a throwback hairstyle that is essentially an extreme bowl cut that frames his face.

Well, Noah Schnapp is not here for it. The Stranger Things actor may be excited about what Season 4 has in store, but there is something he definitely reviles about playing Will – that haircut! Who can really blame him? It is pretty, um, intense. Schnapp lamented Will’s hair during a recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, saying:

One of the worst. I can't begin to explain. I literally ask them all the time, 'Why doesn't Will, maybe he shaves his head?' But really, did everyone have that haircut in the '80s? Who would choose to have that haircut?

Jimmy Fallon mentioned that while a lot of things have changed (cut to Hopper’s situation) on Stranger Things, Will’s haircut has been a constant. Is it the key to the entire show? I kid. To be fair, Noah Schnapp is not the only actor on the Netflix hit to don such a hairstyle. Schnapp’s co-star Finn Wolfhard rocks an almost identical hairstyle as Mike Wheeler.

Noah Schnapp revealed that he has asked about changing up Will’s hair regularly. He even suggested shaving his head, which was a look sported by Eleven and her portrayer, Millie Bobby Brown, during Stranger Things’ freshman season. From the sound of things, Schnapp’s pitch was not met with any acceptance. As you can tell from the above picture, Schnapp does not wear his hair like Will in real life.

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Stranger Things’ last season started in 1985, a time that should have meant evolving hair trends. As the show continues to move forward, you would think that Will (and Mike, for that matter) would have their style change. From what is going on with Hopper, to how Will’s hair might change, there is a lot to speculate on while awaiting Stranger Things’ return.

Heading into Season 4, I could see Noah Schnapp having a stronger case than ever for Will to undergo a hair makeover. It is a haircut he has had for a while, so why not want to put some aesthetic distance between his younger years and now? Of course, the stability of his haircut may be a source of comfort for the character, whose world has been turned “upside down.”

Another interesting tidbit that Noah Schnapp confirmed along with his feelings about Will’s hair is that the first table read for Season 4 happened recently. Jimmy Fallon broached the subject right before Will’s hair became the hot topic of discussion. The first table read is quite a milestone for the new season!

Season 4 is closer than ever before! You can check out Noah Schnapp in previous seasons of Stranger Things on Netflix, along with lots of new 2020 content. Netflix has yet to reveal a release date for Season 4, so stay tuned! In the meantime, there are plenty of winter and spring premieres to keep you entertained.

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