New Disney+ Data Shows How Important Younger Viewers Are For Its Huge Success

Forky Asks a Question Forky Disney+
(Image credit: Forky Asks a Question Screenshot / Disney+)
(Image credit: Forky Asks a Question Screenshot / Disney+)

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When you think about Disney, younger viewers tend to come to mind. New data has shown just how important they have been to Disney+’s enormous success. Baby Yoda is not the only child caught up in the Disney+ craze;  real-life kids are too, and they are having quite an impact!

Disney+'s content includes a bunch of kid-skewed shows, including Forky Asks a Question and plenty more. Having that child-friendly content is paying off, according to consumer research from Ampere Analysis. It reports that around 50% of American households who have children under 10 have subscribed to Disney+ midway through 2020’s first quarter (via Variety).

It is an impressive statistic made all the more so by the short time span in which it has occurred. Disney+ got up and running in November 2019 and, after four months, it is commanding subscribership in nearly half of American households. It should be noted, however, that when it comes to older kids (18 and under), the subscription drops almost 8%, with Disney+ in only 42% of households.

These stats are not entirely surprising given that Disney (and subsequently Disney+) is a paradise for kids. The streamer is not just home to an array of upcoming Marvel series or the live-action Star Wars TV show The Mandalorian. Disney+ also has kid-friendly options in the form of its Disney Channel shows.

Even if the streamer has less content than Netflix right now, it still has a lot of family stuff. Netflix does too, but it is nowhere near is as synonymous with kid content as Disney's brand and, therefore, Disney+'s brand. Thus, it's easy to see how parents in particular have been deciding to sign up and pay for a Disney+ subscription. (Also, given Disney+ is offering a free 7-day trial there are really no downsides for that demo to at least be trying the content.)

Even if you were to consider cancelling Disney+ before Netflix, homes with children would certainly have to take them into account. Whoever ultimately “wins” the streaming wars, Disney+ has its family-friendly content to wield in a way that no other platform quite does.

Nearly half of American households with kids under 10 subscribing so early could speak to Disney’s reputation on that front. Families may know that with the streamer, they are destined to find a wide selection of content to keep their kids entertained.

I wonder if that is why a recent survey indicated that quite a few subscribers think that Disney+ is as good as Netflix. When a parent knows that their kids have something to watch, it could certainly add to a person's affection for the supplier. Of course, Disney+ is also part of Disney, and many people already have a lot of love for the Mouse House.

As time goes on, it will be interesting to see if Disney+ bolsters its family-friendly content even further. Years and years of Disney Channel shows should only help shore up that library, but we'll have to wait and see if the Disney+ and more adult Hulu brands merge in any meaningful ways in the coming years. For now, there are a ton of Disney+ shows streaming on the platform and you can check them out now.

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