Would You Cancel Disney+ Before Netflix? Streaming Survey Has Surprising Results

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As the streaming market grows, Netflix and Disney+ remain its top tier competitors. After Disney announced the launch of Disney+, a survey suggested that Netflix could lose millions of customers to Disney+. However, when asked which service they’d cancel first, a streaming survey offered some surprising results.

In a new survey, Disney+ customers were asked which streaming service they would cancel first in the next six months and 23% replied they’d “very likely” cancel Disney+ before Netflix. In the same category, only 20% would cancel Netflix before its competitor. In fact, 89.60% of Disney+ subscribers are also subscribed to Netflix. That’s a much larger number when compared to those who are also subscribed to Hulu, Prime Video, and HBO Now.

However, if subscribers could choose only one streaming service, 64.13% would pick Disney+, while 35.87% would pick Netflix instead. That isn’t surprising in a survey polling Disney+ subscribers, but it’s interesting to see what’s drawing customers to each individual platform.

For some, it’s original content, but for a whopping 81.07% of Disney+ customers, it’s nostalgia that played a role in their decision to subscribe. That makes sense, seeing as how 48.02% of its customers were most excited for Disney classics like The Little Mermaid.

I don’t blame customers for subscribing to Disney+ for the old-school films, especially now that they’re only available to watch on Disney’s new streaming service. The survey, which was conducted by ExpressVPN and polled 1500 Disney+ customers, suggests that, even with the early technical difficulties and concern over a security breach, subscribers were generally happy with the service, though that could always change with a price increase.

Currently, Disney+ subscribers are enjoying the $6.99 monthly subscription rate. However, if the price increased to $11 - $13 a month, only 21.07% of subscribers would stick around. This is actually less than the rate of subscribers that say they cancelled their Netflix accounts due to increasing prices, which was around 49%.

Around the time Netflix launched, the monthly subscription fee was $7.99 before the price hike this past May drove prices up between $12.99 to $15.99, depending on the selected subscription options. A previous survey reported on why former Netflix subscribers cancelled their service, with 40% of the 1,000 surveyed claiming they left Netflix for other streaming services like Disney+.

The future of Disney+ seems promising for now, but the fact that a higher number of customers would cancel it before Netflix seems to hint that people aren’t as over the streaming giant as one might think.

This poll is no longer available.

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Mae Abdulbaki