Is Disney+ As 'Good' As Netflix? Here's What Subscribers Think

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Disney+ has been bringing the buzzed about content (with a Super Bowl commercial to prove it), and subscribers are responding to it. From the success of The Mandalorian (and Baby Yoda), to the onslaught of Disney content and coming wave of Marvel shows, Disney+ has kept subscribers busy. Is the new streamer as “good” as Netflix, though?

A portion of Disney+ subscribers weighed in via a recent survey and the results may surprise people. Piplsay polled 63,833 Americans to gain insight into where the streaming wars stand. When it came to answering whether or not Disney+ is as good as Netflix, 49% said that Disney+ is. Yes, nearly 31,917 people said Disney+ was as good as the OG streamer.

The, pretty impressive, result comes not too long after Disney+ first launched, which was in November 2019. But, it already has half of those who responded to this particular survey saying that Disney+ is matching Netflix in quality. This is a considerable coup, especially because Netflix is arguably the standard-bearer in streaming. Plus, there are more results to consider!

These answers came after Disney+ experienced some first week glitches. Apparently, those did not keep Disney+ from clearly wowing subscribers! While 49% of respondents said Disney+ was as good as Netflix, 28% said it was not. Meanwhile, a bold 23% said that Disney+ was better than Netflix. Yes, better!

How did Amazon Prime Video stack up? Well, 40% of respondents said that Disney+ is as good as Amazon, with 37% saying it's actually better. As for Hulu, 42% said Disney+ is as good as that streamer, with 37% saying Hulu is superior to it. In related news, the majority polled said they did not unsubscribe from other streamers after getting Disney+.

Finding out that people stayed with other services while also getting Disney+ backs up what Netflix’s boss previously speculated. Before Disney’s streamer bowed, Ted Sarandos said that users may add new streaming services without cancelling other platforms. This poll seems to reinforce Sarandos’ thinking. Disney+ and Netflix are definitely sharing something in common beyond subscribers.

Neither of the streamers will be releasing viewership information at this time. Without official numbers, things seem to be going well for Disney+ in terms of its original content. Its live-action Star Wars series will be heading back for a second season. While HBO Max has explained how it can beat Disney+, the battle to do so might have just got even more intense.

You do not have to get too worried about Netflix. It still has the success of The Witcher, which is set to bewitch audiences with a second season in the future. Disney+ is going to do battle by bringing a plentiful array of Marvel series and (eventually) that Obi-Wan Kenobi show to the table. What does this mean for subscribers? That they are the real winners!

The rivalry between Netflix and Disney+ should push both to deliver more exciting content. How it can get more exciting than Baby Yoda’s meteoric arrival is tough to picture, though. Disney+ has only been around for a little over two months and it has already staked quite a claim to streaming subscribers’ hearts.

What is interesting is that Disney+ has garnered such endearment among subscribers despite that stricter take on password sharing. Disney has been taking Netflix seriously. It banned ads for Netflix on ABC and its other networks. When it comes to the streaming wars, you can bet it is a serious business.

You can currently stream The Mandalorian and more on Disney+. Netflix will have a lot of content to offer in the form of its 2020 premieres. If you are still in need of entertainment options, there are always this winter and spring’s premieres.

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