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New Releases Hit VOD Early And COVID-19's Effect on The Industry

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To hopefully restore a little consistency to our crazy world at the moment, we are back this week with our 110th episode! COVID-19 has had many dire effects on our economy as a whole, and so we take a narrowed look at how it is effecting the film industry that we love so much. Theaters are closing to aid in social distancing measures, films are being delayed indefinitely, and many are heading home on VOD much earlier than expected.

After we get through the news though, we have plenty of fun discussing what we've been streaming. We also take a look at some new films that are hitting streaming services this week with a restructured This Week In Movies segment; including a few recommendations from the guys themselves on what and where to watch some of their favorite films and TV.

It wouldn't be ReelBlend with a BlendGame, and this week's topic is of course out continued look through ages of underrated movies we adore. #Underrated90sBlend takes a look at some of the guys favorite movies that they don't think get enough love. Next week, we're looking at the rather awesome career of Jessica Chastain! Send us your picks on social using #JessicaChastainBlend and you might just hear it read on the show.

5:35 - Weekly Poll: Which streaming service is your new best friend while stuck at home?

8:33 - COVID-19 and The Industry

25:22 - What we're watching while social distancing.

39:21 - This Week In Movies

55:33 #Underrated90sBlend

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Gabriel Kovacs
Gabriel Kovacs

Gabe studied Film & Photography at Webster University. He currently spends his free time looking like a fool trying to play Ice Hockey (a recently acquired hobby), playing video games, and watching every movie starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Dwayne, if you're reading this...he sends his love.