Hawaii Five-0 Vet Daniel Dae Kim Reveals He Has COVID-19 In Post To Fans

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Pretty much everyone around the world has been taking measures to try and stop the coronavirus from spreading. This has included working from home, not going to theaters or other places where large crowds gather and washing our hands as much as possible. People are also on the lookout for signs that they may be ill, so that they can get tested for the virus if need be. Unfortunately, we've seen some celebrities come forward and reveal that they've been infected, and we can now add Hawaii Five-0 vet Daniel Dae Kim to that list.

Daniel Dae Kim took to his Instagram recently from his home in Hawaii to reveal his diagnosis, as well as talk about his symptoms and what he's going through right now. Take a look:

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Man, I feel like I need to personally thank Daniel Dae Kim for going into so much detail about how his symptoms presented themselves and how he was diagnosed and has been taking care of himself since getting sick. He wasn’t kidding when he noted in his caption that he wanted to share his “journey” with us in the hopes that we’d find it “informative or helpful,” was he?

As he said in his very thorough video, Daniel Dae Kim had been working on his new role as the head trauma surgeon on NBC’s hit medical drama New Amsterdam, Dr. Cassian Shin. New Amsterdam eventually stopped production to try to keep its employees safe, as almost every show has now done, but as Kim was landing in Hawaii he began to feel a bit of a tickle at the back of his throat. Luckily, he was very aware of what that could mean, so when he got home he immediately sequestered himself in one room of his house so as to not infect his family.

We all know that Daniel Dae Kim is not alone in being someone in the entertainment industry who's been diagnosed with the coronavirus. We've seen celebrities like Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, Idris Elba and Olga Kurylenko all come forward and talk about having the virus. It took a while for production shutdowns to become a widespread occurrence, and actors do a lot of flying and working around teams of people all the time, so it's no surprise that they've been hit by the illness.

I'm sure Daniel Dae Kim's fans are glad to hear that he seems to be getting better and has been getting the rest and treatment he needs, along with knowing that his family has tested negative. It's never good to be sick at a normal time, but being diagnosed with a virus that's caused a pandemic has to be rough on anyone's mental state. Yet, Kim looks to be pretty positive and even took time out of his message to thank everyone from medical professionals to people working at grocery stores for helping to keep things moving while so many of us hunker down.

Daniel Dae Kim was also very apologetic to everyone he worked with on the set of New Amsterdam, noting how sorry he is that he put them all at risk, even though he had no idea he was sick at the time. He also managed to end on a light and positive note by reminding us all of how important it is to keep doing the things we know stop the spread of the virus...and then telling the toilet paper hoarders to stop that mess with "seriously, how dirty are you down there?"

Hopefully, Daniel Dae Kim, and everyone else who's been diagnosed with the coronavirus, will be healthy soon, we will have stemmed the tide of infections and can get back to regular life before much longer. To keep yourself entertained in these quarantine times, be sure to check out our 2020 midseason guide and Netflix schedule.

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