Hawaii Five-0's Daniel Dae Kim Is Not A Doctor, But Shared Drugs He's Using To Combat COVID-19

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Large swaths of the world have been turned upside down by the coronavirus and our attempts to slow the spread of the potentially deadly pandemic. While pretty much every Hollywood production is now shut down, no matter where it was filming, we've still seen several people in the entertainment industry confirm that they've been diagnosed with the virus, and be forced into quarantine to protect others. Hawaii Five-0 vet Daniel Dae Kim is one of those who's contracted the virus, and he's spoken more about how he's combating the illness.

It was just last week that Daniel Dae Kim posted a video to his Instagram to let his fans know that he was sick and quarantined in his home, away from his family, in the hopes of not giving them the virus. He spoke at length about how he was diagnosed and what his symptoms were at the beginning, but now he's gone back to social media to share the treatment plan he's been under, noting that people are starved for any information they can get in case they contract the virus. Here's what he had to say about his decision to post such an update:

The main reason I wanted to post today was because one of the first questions that people asked me was: What medicines did you take. Some of my friends even asked me that before they asked how I was doing. It was funny, but I think it speaks to people’s real need for help and information right now. So, not just sharing it with my friends, I wanted to share it with all of you. .. I need to say this in bold letters. I AM NOT A DOCTOR. I AM NOT A LAWYER, though I have played them on TV. (I’ve always wanted to say that).

Daniel Dae Kim isn't kidding when he says that people have a "real need for help and information right now." Things are changing so quickly, with more and more local governments putting actual shelter-at-home orders in place to try and keep people from gathering, along with shutting down any large events that were supposed to take place, telling restaurants to go takeout-only and the many other measures that have been instituted to try and stem the tide of illness.

None of us know how long these orders will have to be in place, or what else might need to be done to stop the virus, so while we hunker down at home with our streaming services and mountains of toilet paper (if you were lucky to find some, that is) we're trying to be as educated as possible about all aspects of the illness so that we're as prepared as possible. That includes knowing what to expect should we get sick.

Daniel Dae Kim, after making sure that everyone knows he's only played doctors and lawyers on TV and isn't any kind of medical or legal expert, then went on to share his medication regimen:

It was a drug cocktail. It consisted of Tamiflu, which is an antiviral, the antibiotic azithromyacin, more commonly known as a z-pack, a glycopyrrolate inhaler that was used to ease breathing and the inflammation that’s commonly associated with covid. Here’s what I consider to be the secret weapon: hydroxychloroquine, this is a common anti-malarial drug that has been used with great success in Korea.

Phew. Wow. That is...a lot of medicine. As anyone who's had to take a simple antibiotic will know, serious un-fuck-your-health meds like this usually come in the form of pills as large as a grapefruit, so I really hope, for the sake of Daniel Dae Kim and anyone else who's gotten ill, that at least some of this can be taken in liquid form. Though, I'm sure very few people have balked at taking their medicine, considering we know how dangerous coronavirus can be.

As noted, it's just good to be prepared, so it really is helpful to understand what kind of medications one might be taking to fight the virus. Thank you, Daniel Dae Kim. You're doing a lot of good work for us while in quarantine, sir. You can take a look at his full video, below:

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Luckily, Daniel Dae Kim and many people who've already contracted the virus are on the mend, so, hopefully we can all put this behind us before too much longer. To get some help staying entertained while you self-isolate, check out our midseason guide, see what's coming to Netflix in April, and check out what's new to Hulu this month.

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