Amazon Has Made A Bunch Of Its Streaming Shows Free To Keep Kids Busy During Quarantine

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Staying home pretty much non-stop is not something that a lot of people would chose willingly, but, as we know, it's an absolute necessity right now. Many of us are working from home, while our partners are as well, along with our kids being home from school so that, hopefully, none of us get sick. We're also without the ability, in many instances, to take a break from all the homebound-ness by going...well, anywhere. At-home entertainment options have never been more needed, so to aid us in staying sane, Amazon is offering many kids shows for free to customers around the world.

Amazon has unlocked access to over 40 kids television shows and specials which were previously only available to paying Amazon Prime customers. All you need to access the content (which can be found here), is to log in to a valid Amazon account, which is free. Then, users will be able to get a wide variety of shows aimed at both preschool aged kids and those between the ages of 6 and 11-years old, as well as a selection of titles from PBS Kids and over 80 family friendly movies.

All of Amazon's original TV content for kids is now unlocked for everyone, including shows such as Lost Oz, Dino Dana, Niko and the Sword of Light, Just Add Magic: New Protectors and Pete the Cat. In addition, you can now get PBS Kids shows like WordGirl, Wild Kratts, Reading Rainbow, Arthur and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, totally free. Which titles are available depends on your location, so be sure to head over to Amazon to see what your little bored ones can watch without you having to spend a dime.

Obviously, the hope is that kids will enjoy the free access so much that their parental units finally make the leap and sign up for an Amazon Prime subscription, which costs $119 a year in the United States. But, it's still good to have so much family friendly programming open for all for many reasons.

We know that many people are stuck at home right now, trying to come up with games and whatnot to keep kiddos entertained after they finish their school lessons for the day. And, if your child has already seen all of their favorite shows 40 billion times, this will really help keep them occupied so that you can do...anything else for a bit.

Also, a lot of us really need to decompress right now, and while there are plenty of comedies geared at older kids or adults, sometimes it helps to watch something simple and happy where you know nothing even remotely horrible will happen in that 30 to 90 minute span. There's nothing wrong, in my book, with adults sitting down to watch WordGirl battle supervillains as she teaches us all some cool words.

Now, excuse me while I go binge Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. What? I find that tiny tiger's voice soothing, OK?

Amazon's kids programming is free for all right now, but we don't know just yet how long the titles will be available to anyone with a free account. To continue to fill out your viewing options during these weird times, be sure to check out our midseason schedule, what's coming to Netflix in April and take a look at everything that's been delayed so far.

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