Martha Stewart Drinking And Critiquing Seth Meyers' At Home Studio Is a Hoot

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Many late night talk shows have returned to the air full force after being away for a couple of weeks. But, everyone is still broadcasting from their homes, meaning that we're continuing to get to see some different sides of not only our favorite hosts, but the guests they have on the show. Martha Stewart recently appeared on one of our newly returned late night shows, and, what can I say, she was a hoot and a half, and everything we need to see on TV right now.

See that photo of her above? That’s how Ms. Martha started the interview, y’all. With a drink in her hand and gleefully surrounded (fine, not quite surrounded) by fancy booze-stuffs. Just from the look of her, you can tell that she’s about to be a fucking delight, and Martha Stewart did not disappoint when she showed up on Late Night with Seth Meyers. Check it out!

I am so glad that Seth Meyers caught Martha Stewart on a day / at a time when she was not in the mood to mince words. When he asked her about the design aesthetic of his new attic studio, not only did she seem to know everything about the room already, but she zeroed right in on that lamp behind him, and deemed it “not so country” and not deserving of a place in this particular room. She said it with a smile on her face, but if Ms. Martha hadn’t clearly been drinking for a while before this interview, that might not have been the case.

It's also hard not to love the way Martha Stewart shrugs noncommittally before saying the Meyers attic design "looks nice" in that high pitched voice that we all know means, "Seth, I believe you can do better and I am judging you for what's happened to that attic. But, also, I am tipsy and it doesn't matter that much right now." That Martha...she's a gem, amirite? We can't all have houses as cool as Jimmy Fallon, alright!

Meyers then moved on to asking Martha Stewart about how she's dealing with self-isolating, and she's clearly feeling some kinda way about technology right now. When Ms. Martha said she had to thank the people who were helping us get through this, I thought for sure that she was going to talk about doctors, nurses and maybe even give a shout out to anyone manufacturing toilet paper in these difficult times, but, nope! She had Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Zoom, FaceTime and Alexander Graham Bell on her mind instead.

I'm pretty sure, in her slightly forgetful and adult beverage-soaked haze, that she credited Gates with inventing the internet and Jobs for giving us laptop computers, but, I am not gonna be the one to tell Ms. Martha that she's wrong. At least not right now. I have enough trouble without trying to nurse a head wound caused by Martha Stewart lobbing a bottle of St-Germain at me, OK?

Martha Stewart really showed a lot of her personality in this video, and I think we should all be grateful for it. At least we know now that she hates texting and won't dare to do such a ridiculous thing from the other side of a wall. I mean, really! The peon who did this to Ms. Martha should be ashamed!

Late Night with Seth Meyers continues weeknights on NBC at 12:35 p.m. EST, but for more on what to watch now, check out our Netflix schedule and see what's new to Hulu in April!

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