90 Day Fiance Featured One Of The Most Brutal Break-Ups

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Spoilers ahead for the latest episode of 90 Day Fiance.

90 Day Fiancé has long had a reputation for highlighting toxic or bizarre long-distance relationships, though there have been some successes over the years. Unfortunately, this was not the case for 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days stars Darcey Silva and Tom Brooks, whose relationship really went downhill in recent episodes. It all built up to one of the most brutal breakups the show has done in a while, and the cameras were rolling for each painful moment.

The situation started when American Darcey and Tom (who lives in England) decided to meet up in New York City to discuss pictures of him on social media with another woman. Upon meeting, Tom tried to give Darcey a hug, but she iced him out. It's understandable given what would come later in the conversation, but it's also easy to see how things quickly devolved from there.

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Darcey then asked her 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days lover about the woman and Tom decided to come clean. He had fallen for another woman, but had only copped to that after a solid amount of suspicion on Darcey's end. Tom justified his actions in stating that Darcey couldn't love him the way he needed to be loved, and that she was still hung up on her ex Jesse Meester. This isn't the first time Meester has been brought into the conversation, as he was also mentioned in the couple's breakup that happened in 2019.

Tom then went on to explain that he "loved Darcey like a sister," which is about the last thing anyone in a romantic relationship wants to hear. Here's a clip of the final moments of the conversation, which really need to be seen to fully understand just how rough this was.

There's having your feelings hurt, and then there's asking if someone you just broke up with if they've put on some weight. Darcey and Tom's meeting seemed like a decent idea to get on the same page, but only ended up getting so much more ugly than it may have gotten had the two just been upfront before ever meeting in public.

It was a real train wreck, even by 90 Day Fiancé standards, and one has to wonder why either even decided to air that out in public. Darcey Silva spoke to Entertainment Tonight about the incident, and why she'd be willing to meet up even when she suspected what Tom would tell her from the start.

I was open to see what he had to say, I just didn't want to feel confused about where we were in the relationship and what I meant to him. Do you love me? Are we together? You know, just be honest. I shouldn't have to wait to see if you're ready for a relationship or not.

The two stated they were done on 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days, though that's a story viewers have heard before. Of course, with a breakup this brutal though, it's a little easier to believe that Tom and Darcey will be content on keeping an ocean between them, and try to find love elsewhere going forward.

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