Why WWE’s Big Show Chose Mick Foley And Other Wrestlers To Cameo In Netflix Comedy

The Big Show Show

Big Show is known to WWE fans for his antics in the ring but, now, the seasoned wrestler is a about to take on a new kind of challenge – a multi-camera sitcom. That’s right, the Big Show is headed to TV with The Big Show Show in which he’ll flex his comedic muscles. Joining him for the ride will be a few of his WWE colleagues, and Show had a specific reason for bringing them onto the series.

The Big Show Show will feature WWE vets Mick Foley, Mark Henry and Rikishi in supporting roles, and all were chosen by Show himself. Although Big Show was more than happy to have is close friends joining him, it was their roles as dads that led him to include them:

I wanted guys who I had a good relationship with and also guys I knew for a fact were good dads. Rikishi is an amazing father. Mick Foley is an amazing dad. And Mark Henry's my best friend, my dearest friend, and I know what kind of dad he is - he's an awesome dad as well. What I wanted to do was take these three powerhouse tough guys, with incredible careers, who the fans are used to seeing as their characters on TV, and showcase a completely different look at who they are as fathers and who they are as human beings.

The four men may all be muscle-bound wrestlers with over the top personas but, at their cores, they’re all people who care for their loved ones. This seems to have seeped into their performances, as Big Show couldn’t praise them enough:

Yeah, we're all big burly guys but when it comes down to it we'll do anything for our loved ones. And those guys completely knocked it out of the park. I think fans are going to love that episode. I don't want to give away too much about it, but I know when that episode comes up it'll be special. It's one of my favorite episodes.

Based on his comments to IGN, it sounds like Big Show put a lot of thought into casting The Big Show Show. He probably had his pick of any WWE stars for the show, but the fact that Big Show opted to bring in three dads says a lot about what the show and being a dad mean to him.

The Big Show Show will mark the first time Big Show has headlined a production, though he’s amassed more than his fair share of TV and film projects over the years. His decision to dive into a regular acting role could signify a desire to shift into the profession full-time like Dwayne Johnson, Dave Bautista and John Cena before him.

But before we get too ahead of ourselves, let’s just see what Big Show can do as a leading man of The Big Show Show, which is now streaming on Netflix.

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