Professional wrestling is as much a performance as it is a sport. For every mind-blowing physical stunt pulled off in the ring, there is just as much posing, posturing, and playing up a carefully crafted persona in front of thousands of people (millions if you count the TV broadcasts). On Hogan Knows Best, a reality show about the family of legendary wrestler Hulk Hogan, the Hulkster’s son wanted to follow in dear old dad’s footsteps and the first piece of advice the elder statesman of the squared circle imparted was that the boy should take an improv acting class.

It feels very natural that many wrestlers would try their hand at making movies, especially action-heavy ones, and over the years (especially with the WWE getting heavily into the production game), many have tried to make the transition, with wildly mixed results. Some churn out B-grade, direct-to-video ass-kickers, while a relative few are able to full make the leap and transition in the public eye from tights and spangles wearing beefcakes to legitimate movie stars. With Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson’s San Andreas—where he basically fights an earthquake from our understanding—opening this weekend, what better time to take a look at ten wrestlers who have managed the tricky feat of becoming movie stars?

10. Bill Goldberg
A former professional football player, Bill Goldberg rocketed to superstardom in the WCW, where he quickly became the heavyweight champion—he would also later become the heavyweight champ of the WWE. After burning bright for a short time, he moved on, becoming a commentator for a number of mixed martial arts promotions, and, most notably, carving out a career acting in action movies. Playing tough guys and goons in films like Universal Soldier: The Return and Half Past Dead 2 (taking over the lead from Steven Seagal), he also played an evil Santa in Santa’s Slay. Even on his extensive TV resume, which features a lot of similar "big scary dude" one-offs, as well as hosting generally dude-centric shows about cars and motorcycles, he never really moved beyond being typecast, though for fans of a certain specific subgenre of action movie, he left an impression.

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