Outlander's Sam Heughan Posts Shirtless Photos To Encourage Fans To Keep Working Out

Jamie Shirtless in Outlander on Starz

There have honestly been a lot of shirtless challenges of late, and Outlander star Sam Heughan is no exception. The actor has gotten shirtless more than once to encourage fans to keep working out even if they don’t have gyms around. At the very least, it's an interesting strategy for the Scottish actor.

OK, so technically, he’s been busy promoting My Peak Challenge 2020, which is currently in the middle of a 30-Day challenge. However, Sam Heughan's been using his very own abs to sell the premise and I don’t think Outlander fans mind that sort of encouragement in the least.

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In fact, did you know that you can work out in your very own yard with just a large rock to keep you moving? That’s not something I normally would have considered doing myself, but now that I’ve seen Sam Heughan do it… I think I would like to see more of Sam Heughan doing it. Seriously, that stuff looks way harder to grapple than a kettlebell. And I'm supposed to deadlift with it?

The point is, however, there is plenty of stuff that people can do from the comfort of their own homes, even when major gym equipment is absent. There are various cardio exercises that can be done outdoors, as well as plenty of full bodyweight exercises.

Burpees, glute raises, mountain climbers, I’m exhausted just looking at Sam Heughan looking exhausted.

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But I guess if you’ve ever wondered what it takes to make Jamie Frasier look like Jamie Frasier, actor Sam Heughan has now given us the lowdown on how he makes all of those steamy sex scenes look so good on camera. It’s not easy being in shape, but clearly, given he’s managing to do the work at home, it’s more about putting in the time than having the fancy equipment.

Meanwhile, Jamie Frasier is shirtless like this a fair amount on Outlander, although he did joke about the character getting a beer belly as he aged on the show, which hasn't happened just yet. The new season  won’t wrap its fifth season run on Starz until May, so there's still plenty more time to catch the story of Claire and Jamie's romance. In fact, there’s a lot more of the story to look forward to and you can catch it on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET on Starz or Starz’s streaming app. (Not to mention earlier seasons of Outlander are available streaming.)

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