A Chicago Fire Hero Will Be Injured In Season 8 Finale, But Which One?

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Spoilers ahead for the April 8 episode of Chicago Fire Season 8 and the official description of the Season 8 finale.

The Season 8 finale of Chicago Fire is less than a week away, and the episode promises to be an intriguing one even if it wasn’t originally designed to close the season. Called “51’s Original Bell,” the finale will see one hero of Firehouse 51 sustain an injury. Although the official description for the episode doesn’t give away any details for fans dying to know who gets hurt, some comments from showrunner Derek Haas may help narrow down the list of candidates.

First, the episode description that reveals one of the good guys is going to be hurt when “51’s Original Bell” hits the airwaves on April 15:

When one of 51's own gets injured on a call, Lt. Severide becomes obsessed with helping out. Foster contemplates a big decision. Kidd is concerned for one of her high school trainees.

The description courtesy of NBC for “51’s Original Bell” is quite clear: somebody is going to get hurt. Unfortunately for those who don’t want to wait until April 15 to find out who’s going to be in trouble, the description doesn’t even specify if the person is a firefighter or an EMT.

Of course, Foster contemplating a decision leads me to suspect that she won’t be the one injured in the finale, and has me more convinced than ever that Chicago Fire could send Foster over to Chicago Med in Season 8.

The mention of Kidd suggests that she’ll be fine after whatever happens to injure one of her coworkers, and the fact that her storyline will evidently revolve around Girls on Fire would be a sign that Severide was probably not the one injured, even if the episode description hadn’t mentioned Severide’s obsession with helping.

Even taking Severide, Kidd, and Foster out of contention for the one who will be injured, there are still plenty of potential victims. To narrow down this pool of candidates, let’s turn to some comments from Chicago Fire showrunner Derek Haas. Speaking with Give Me My Remote about the finale, Haas said this:

The job is dangerous and even when you’re careful and an experienced pro on an elite squad, it can rise up, knock you off your feet, and end your career.

On the one hand, Derek Haas’ comments mostly serve to hype the upcoming finale and prove that Fire fans really need to tune in. One the other hand, if we take a look at what he said and take it alongside the episode description, we may be able to narrow down the pool of candidates to just three.

The mention of “an elite squad” combined with Severide’s obsession with helping leads me to suspect that a member of Squad 3 will be the one injured in “51’s Original Bell.” Since we already ruled out Severide as the one in trouble, that leaves Cruz, Capp, and Tony.

Of these three, the firefighter whose injury would pack the most punch is undoubtedly Cruz. As a significant character from the very beginning of Chicago Fire who just got married, seeing him suffer another blow would be rough.

Capp and Tony have been around for a long time too, though, and since “51’s Original Bell” wasn’t originally designed as a season finale, I have my doubts that Fire would seriously injure such a major character as Cruz when there were supposed to be a few episodes left. I have an easier time believing that Kidd could be worrying about Girls On Fire in an episode that saw Capp or Tony injured than Cruz.

So, as of now, my money is on either Capp or Tony being injured in the Chicago Fire Season 8 finale. Take a look at the trailer for the episode:

Tune in to NBC on Wednesday, April 15 for the final episode of Chicago Fire Season 8, in between the final Season 5 episode of Chicago Med and the final Season 7 episode of Chicago P.D. All three shows of One Chicago have already been renewed for more seasons, so they’ll be back whenever production is able to resume again.

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